Add more time options for Auto-Lock

May you please add the options of “2 minutes” and “3 minutes” to the Auto-Lock for the Wyze Lock?

1 minute is too short and 5 minutes is too long for me.
If the time can be customized instead of fixed options, then that would be even better.

I agree that 1 minute is too short and 5 minutes is too long. Sometimes I don’t get from the driveway (where Alexa has automatically unlocked the lock because she sensed that my phone returned home) to my front door in one minute and I often hear the front door relocking when I’m just a few feet away. 5 minutes, though, is too long because my neighbor is a shady character.

I use the lock on a door that is active during the day and doesn’t need to be locked until nighttime.

Add a time range ie. 10pm to 6am for auto-lock to be active.

Thank you

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Have you figured this out?
You can do it in Rules, It works great.

Hi Kodebear

I am using the iOS app and don’t see a “rules” option for the lock in the menus or sub-menus. Am I not looking in the right place?

I too use IOS
Open the app,
Right under the logo you’ll see rules.
It’s in there.
Not the gear Icon right under the logo.

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Whoa… that’s embarrassing, could it be anymore visible :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will explore the rules and pay more attention :man_facepalming:

Thanks again KodeBear-

In case anyone is following along here’s the action:

  1. Create Rule > Schedule > … choose your lock under Device Actions
  2. Add checkmark to “Locks”
  3. Set time and days
  4. Name and save action

New wishlist item - Add notification if the rule is unsuccessful (door open, door jam etc). Otherwise there is no way to know if the rule was successful without checking the app after the rule trigger time. A workaround would be a rule to check the door position open/closed or locked/unlocked and set it to notify after the locking event.

+1, I’d really like to see a two minute option. One minute isn’t always enough for tasks like grabbing the mail or taking out the trash. Five minutes is way longer than necessary.
I know trash mode exists, but it’s a hassle to remember and do it every time.
I have to imagine this is really easy to implement for the developers. Surely the number of minutes/seconds is just stored as an integer field somewhere…