Lock Bolt - doesn't auto-sense door position like Lock does for auto-lock?

Hi all,

Installed a Wyze lock + keypad, really liked it and decided the lock bolt would be a nice upgrade for our main entrance with it’s fingerprint capabilities. I did know it doesn’t have wifi, but didn’t realize I’d really miss that feature - oh well.

What I didn’t know, it the auto-lock feature is pretty much brain-dead. It’s on or off, and only “feature” is you can disable auto-lock for some number of hours of a day (every day) if desired in the app. If enabled, even it the door is standing wide open, the deadbolt will extend if the time to auto-lock comes. Huh? I find this quite unuseful, and can see the grandkids trying to close the door and damaging our molding and maybe even the bolt-lock.

Wyze Lock knows when the door is ajar - why doesn’t Lock Bolt have this capability? Am I missing something?


You are not missing something. It is a downside of the lock bolt. The Lock Bolt is amazing in many ways, and I use it on my front door, but there are a couple downsides:

  • No sensor to tell when it is open, closed or ajar
  • Limited or no internet (thus, no notifications, etc yet)

Other than those 2 things, it is an awesome device.


One of the reasons it has the lesser price is the lesser amount of sensors. It was something that was mentioned during its development but it was also something that was requested by the masses. Maybe it’s something that needs to be revisited in its descriptors showing the difference between the two so that people are more understood as to what one has that the other doesn’t. If I get the chance to talk to someone in marketing I will bring this up and see if it’s not something that we might be able to bring to their attention as something that someone that might already have the lock would miss from the bolt.