New lock bolt with fingerprint scanner- I am very disappointed in this product

I have many Wyze products including 20+ cameras and 3 Wyze Locks. The new lock bolt is quite inferior to the Wyze lock. It does not act like the other. Their is no calibration that is of any use. It can not be used via internet, only Bluetooth. you have to be within 16 feet for it to work with app controls. It will auto lock with the door open and when someone does not realize the fact the doors deadbolt slams your moldings. This product is a waste of time other than a fingerprint feature for lets say a business, other than that I would not recommend it.

Did you not read ANYTHING about it before buying it?


Are you their spokesperson? Are you the CEO?
Yes, I did, And It is very misleading and locking while the door is fully ajar is pathetic.

Not at all, the furthest thing from it. I’m just saying, it sounds like you’re disappointed by the lack of features that weren’t advertised. I’m personally slightly disappointed by it due to the connection range, I expected to be able to interact with it as long as I’m at home, but from some parts I’m not able to. Also there is a bug with the auto-lock that I’m hoping they address soon.

Yes, it locks by itself if the door is open. there is no calibration. Send it back and get the Wyze Lock. I sent mine back on their dime and just added my 3rd Wyze Lock.

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