Wyze Lock Bolt is so darn good

I know… a Wyze employee just posting about how good Wyze products are. How lame.

But seriously, can we just take a moment to talk about how great Wyze Lock Bolt is as a product? I have 3 at my house and every day I’m just like… dang this thing is so incredible. The fingerprint reader is so fast. The app features are downright perfect. It’s built like a tank. The battery lasts FOREVER. There’s literally nothing wrong with this thing other than the fact it doesn’t have Wi Fi enabled (@WyzeShanee… a bluetooth to wi fi adapter for this thing would be amazing HINT HINT).

I’ve recommended Wyze products to so many people and this one is the one people always are like “yeah this thing is the best” and I agree, it’s so solid.

Anyway, everyone go about their day haha. Just wanted to drop that in here.

Matt Van Swol
Head of Subscription Growth


If you found a battery that last forever, patent it.

Nuclear batteries only last 50 years.


Or the ability to pair with Alexa… Which is connected to the internet and you could just request Alexa unlock or lock from afar. :wink:

But yes, I really like the bolt as well for my non-primary doors.


I love the bolt. great straight forward use! and the black option as a first was amazing!

i have it on my front door and im glad I dont even carry house keys anymore! between the bolt and other locks no need for keys


I give mine a thumbs up too. I have not changed the batteries in it yet.
I did not do the fingerprint method, only the codes.


This is my wife’s favorite Wyze device (and I have everything Wyze has made, so she is familiar with them all). She wants more of these.

The only things holding me back from buying them for every single deadbolt in our house and our business offices?

  1. No WiFi connectivity.
  2. Unlike the original lock it is missing a sensor to know when it is open so it doesn’t try to auto-lock the deadbolt while the door is open (these will stick out the deadbolt while the door is open, and then the door will refuse to the shut until you manually unlock it again).
  3. No 3rd party integration (Google, Alexa, and Home Assistant connectivity)

If Wyze released a new version that resolved all 3 of those issues I would immediately put them on every deadbolt I am in charge of in some way and tell everyone to get them.

There are lots of bonus things that would make these the most incredible lock on the market…like if you set it up so the fingerprints could work as automation triggers. For example, if I touch my right thumb to the lock, it just unlocks like normal, but if I press my left thumb, maybe it locks the lock, turns off all the lights in the house, arms the HMS as “Away”, etc. If I use my middle finger, then maybe that is a secret distress duress code that will still unlock the door, but will send an alarm to Noonlight telling them to send the police because I am being forced to open my house and disarm my system, etc. Maybe I have one pointer finger that unlocks my door, turns on certain lights, announces (to my family) that I’m home, plays my favorite song, sets the HVAC to my Home preferences, and a number of other things.

The fingerprints as triggers and automations are something that would be incredibly innovative and useful for Wyze’s ecosystem if this was a connected device. Lost opportunity here. Wyze really needs a Version 2 that adds Internet, a position sensor, and 3rd party integration. If Wyze does that, it will immediately be my favorite Wyze device :wink:


I use many Wyze product such as colored bulbs which I have throughout my whole house. I purchased both door locks but the most recent was the biometric door lock. I loved the lock for the last 2 years but I have found in the last 3 months the batteries only last for a week or so. I am going to have to take it out and I will change to another brand. I feel a product should last more than 2 years. I do use duracell batteries. Such a shame , if it wasn’t for the batteries dying so fast it would be a great product.


That is interesting, my Lock and Lock-Bolt Batteries Last a long time. The Bolt batteries have lasted more than a year and the Lock batteries have lasted just under a year.

But it does depend on use. I rarely use my front door which is where the lock is. My Lock-Bolt is on my door to the Garage, which we use. But I unlock it in the morning and auto-lock at night. So not much use there as well. I do lock it when I leave the house for an extended amount of time.

I will need to have it auto lock all the time and see what the battery drain is after doing that.


I really like those Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries that I use for my smoke detectors and other critical devices. They are expensive though at around $2.50 each for “AA”. In my Logitech wireless mouse, alkaline batteries last about 1.5 months, but the Energizer Ultimate batteries last 3 months. I still think it is cheaper to go with the alkaline though.


Is the backlit keypad staying on 24/7? Mine is under an eave and never gets wet or too hot (always in shade), and never below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Battery life is important to me so even 3 months is ridiculous. I have opted to get rid of the wyze lock and go with a lockly lock instead, I really like staying with only one company for everything I use and most of my house is wyze, from lights to cams, scale etc

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I want to also add a pinhole camera on the lock bolt that faces outside of the home so you can use it as another camera if wanted.



If you’re getting such short battery life, something is wrong.

I had this happen with my back door, and it turned out my door had become slightly misaligned over time due to gravity pulling on the hinges causing extra friction on the deadbolt. When I fixed that my battery life went back up.

If it’s not that then I would recommend deleting the lock from the app and setting it up from scratch again to factory reset it and recalibrate it. Maybe it’s trying to push in too far or something and wearing out the motor and power more than it should.

There are a bunch of things that could be involved or explanations for why yours is getting lower battery.

Like others have said, my lockbolt batteries seem to last forever like 2 years. It’s extremely power efficient when configured optimally.

It’s always possible your individual unit is malfunctioning, but I would certainly try making sure there is no friction from door alignment and maybe set it up again and recalibrate it to see if that helps.


Just to make sure to clarify, he was talking about in his mouse, not his lock:

And duration will vary a ton based on frequency of use. 3 months of nearly all day constant use can actually be amazing from a battery.

How often are you locking and unlocking your door with the lock bolt btw?


I must admit that I love mine as well.


Tell me about security. Im wary of cloud or wireless access to my locks. While its unlikely some tech smart person would bother to hack my lock, could they figure out the code through wear on the buttons? Lift a fingerprint? Hack the bluetooth? I agree that one thing it needs is a built in camera.

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I want to love it. Unfortunately i have 4 of them, and all of them have finger print scanners that have died within a year. I also made the mistake of recommending the lock to family and friends. All of which have also had issues with the scanner dying.

Had 3 of them replaced on warranty…but once again they seem to be dying. I think im done buying these things

Do you live the far northern US or something? Is your Lock bolt exposed to direct snow and sun? I’m just curious why yours are having those problems and nobody in my family (who has had these since launch) has had a single problem with them. It’s just odd and I’m wondering what the difference could be.

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Southern Canada, so similar climate. For the ones I own, 3 are protected by an exterior storm door, so no direct exposure to wind/snow, but cold yes. I took one apart after it stopped working and found the scanner circuitry to be rusted.

I should probably add that I have 1 that still works great. I bought that one when they first launched, and have it installed on my garage with no protection from the weather, ironically it still works. The only real difference I can mention is that it is completely unheated on both sides of the door, compared to the ones one the house having a warm side.