Kudos! A great lock

I just installed the fingerprint lock for a friend. You know there are going to be problems… but there weren’t! Install was breeze using the instructions. The App paired first time. The thing is a work of art, and very high quality (imho). It’s weighty and is perfect for my needs.

Hey presto, my friend encodes her fingerprint and is captivated by the function! This allows her special needs daughter to open the door without having to remember the code!

The one time use code is a great feature and what I’d promised would work for her.

The settings for the lock are very good - there could always be improvements, but so far we are very impressed! And, trust me, I don’t give Wyze much kudos usually, but this was was well designed and executed!


Who are you? :wink:

Seriously, glad it was a good experience.

Same experience here.
Installed in in May 2022. No issues. Ever.
Battery at 90%+. Will certainly surpass the documented 12-months of battery life.

Clearly one, if not the best Wyze product I bought.

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