List your favorite smart door lock models you would recommend

I’m in the market for a smart door lock. Can you suggest some models you’ve tried or researched that seem good enough to recommend in terms of price, features, reliability and functionality?

Are there any resources of reviews or comparisons you value?

I have a Wyze door lock which has been really good. Especially with the number pad. I also had a Kwikset Z-wave doorlock which was also good, but didn’t have as many features.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m especially interested in locks with fingerprint readers. Have you had any experience with that type?

No. Sorry I haven’t. Although that does sound like a great feature to have on a household door lock.

Thanks, yes, for me the main purpose of getting a smart lock is to avoid digging for keys or needing to use any other device to unlock the door, such as, an app or a separate keypad. Even an attached keypad concerns me because I envision that the keys most often used for the pin might build up a patina that would help spying eyes to guess the pin.

First world problems, amiright?

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I just got an email telling about the new lock. The deal breaker is no physical key just in case of total failure.

I’ve had the same electronic keypad lock for over 20 years it has rarely failed but having the option to use a physical key is piece of mind.

I thought the Wyze Lock Bolt would be the one to switch to but I will keep looking.

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If yur truly concerned about that, you can use 2 different codes. I do that cuz one code matches a code that my parents know.

Coming to the Wyze-supported forum to deliberately ask for info on Wyze competitors “less-than-respectful”.

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My thoughts exactly!

I was really excited for this lock at first, but I am the type that will be locked out of my house. Per their emergency way to get in with a usb - c charger, with me that would be in the house and I wouldn’t be able to get in. I don’t carry a charger battery and cable with me outside the home.
Also, it states batteries last up to 12 months, Since my 3 month nightlights last about 3 weeks, I don’t have much faith in their battery predictions.

Well, no actually, if the new lock had been available when I was asking for input I would’ve considered it. The one Wyze was offering at that time did not have many features and, therefore, was not competing with most others on the market.