Lock Keyed to Fingerprint

Really wish, Wyze would be looking into making fingerprint lock. I am really excited to incorporate Door bell and the thermostat into my wyze portfolio but it will be amazing if Wyze can look into making fingerprint lock

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that would be awesome

Great idea!
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This is the biggest reason why I didn’t buy a Wyze lock. I have the U-Bolt Pro and basically nothing works on it other than the fingerprint sensor, but that’s the one convenience item I have found that I never want to give up on a smart lock so I keep it around. Typing in codes takes too long when you are in a hurry and holding groceries and the location tracking/Bluetooth features never work accurately enough on smart home devices. If Wyze made a v2 of their lock with a fingerprint sensor built-in or at least a secondary add-on similar to their keypad that added that capability I’d definitely be interested. Fingers crossed.

So it looks like this is coming…

Wyze Smart Lock 2 Includes Fingerprint Reader Wyze Smart Lock 2 Includes Fingerprint Reader