Biometric Keypad for Wyze Lock

Hi Wyze - I have been using the Wyze lock with keypad and am loving it. And I just saw the new release of biometric lock which looks sleek and amazing. However, some of the features in the Wyze lock are not available in the new biometric lock. E.g. Wifi enabled to allow lock/unlock remotely. Is it possible to add biometric finger print capability to the keypad and have that connect to the Wyze lock to create the biometric version of the Wyze lock? Just a thought!


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I’d love a fingerprint reader added to the keypad.

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I simply cannot believe they made a NEW lock thats worse, then the original, who down grades there front door lock,
The follow up scale is Worse than the original.

If they make a front door lock its GOT to have hardened steel bolt lock
Biometric/ fingerprints
Water proof light up touch pad
Nfc support for phones & watches
Key back up
Led light over or under key hole
Alexa auto support
Availble in min 3 color choices

& be able to connect with indoor wyze sensors to create rules…

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As an owner of both, I have to admit I was premature in buying the new Bolt Lock as I didn’t realize it was dropping the WiFi. I was ok to lose the key hole for biometrics and like the faster unlock times. Perhaps the best case is a Keypad V2 which works with the original Wyze Lock to maintain WiFi and key backup, perhaps mounting / operating off the power to the doorbell to not have to be battery as an option?

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Updated Keypad For Wyze Lock

I’d like a version 2.0 keypad for the original Wyze Lock that:

  1. Is metal and feels higher quality.
  2. Has numbers and buttons laid out to match the Lock Bolt keypad. 3x4, not 2x6.
  3. Incorporates a fingerprint reader.



Yes, exactly this