Lock with built in keypad

The wyze lock would be useful to me if the keypad (with physical key) were built in to the lock instead of mounted externally.

It would be much more tamper resistant (all of the mounting access would be on the inside of the door) and look better (flush mounted).

I realize that there are many other competitors that have this design and that there are advantages to the current design (beyond product differentiation). So, my suggestion is that there be an “integrated external option”.

As an existing product owner, executing on the same design as the competition at a competitive price makes it an easy buy (I’m already invested and do not need yet another login and app).

Hello Wyze!

I would love to see a Wyze Lock v2 where the lock, key, and keypad are all in one unit. Much like the Schlage Encode product below:

Much cleaner look and can still give guest codes (unlike a finger print reader). I currently have smart locks but want to upgrade to a Wyze lock. One of my hesitations is I will have to buy both the Wyze lock and another “dumb” lock to make this happen since my current smart lock is an all in one solution.

Thank you!

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@joshpannone Welcome to the Wyze community!

Don’t forget to VOTE for your own idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would prefer to see the Wise Lock with WIFI and Bluetooth over the current need for a WIFIbridge using Zigbee. This is just taking up outlets near all the doors and in a few instances I don’t have an outlet close enough to the door.


I would vote for this, but not for the lock+keypad one. I get the need for the lock and keypad in one unit, but I’d rather not have that. But having a lock with wifi/bluetooth built-in would be nice.

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Hey, 2 quick questions,

  1. The online info, it says that the door will automatically lock and then in another line it says it will not automatically lock. Which is it or can you decide what you want?
  2. I want Alexa to lock my door by voice, but not unlock it. Can I set it up that way? (I can do that with my garage door opener so someone can’t yell through my window or door and alexa just unlocks the door for them)

Agree DP. I have double doors and I want them to look the same from the outside. Also I can tuck the keypad behind a pillar or something out of site.

I agree as well. The main reason I bought the wyze lock was because it kept did not have a smart exterior.

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So maybe a Wyze lock with a fingerprint reader is in the works…?

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I have the Wyze door lock, love it. It was more affordable than the big-name brand that I replaced and am happy with it’s function. What does make me nervous is that there is no physical key. So what happens when the battery dies and I don’t have a way to charge it on the spot? It was always nice with my old Quickset keypad to have the physical key. My other forms of ingress/egress are a garage door (electric opener) and my rear sliding door which isn’t keyed so if it’s locked I’m stuck.

Also, having it work WiFi and not just blutooth would be nice.

Yes please !

One of the reasons I really don’t like the current lock is because of the keypad being separate from the lock and it can be tampered with and also you have to decide where to mount it to and deal with that scenario

Would love to see a v2 come with the keypad already integrated into the lock like the lock bolt

I feel just the opposite about the built in keypad for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have double doors and this way it keeps it sementry, as both doors look alike from the outside.
  2. I can hide the keypad in various spots at my front door area so nobody can even see them.
  3. Wifi/Bluetooth locks can be hacked, (And yes a key lock can be picked and this type of lock have both) so best not to advertise that you have one.
    But we all have our needs, likes and wants, and that is why we are not all driving white ford’s.

PS I have two of these and they made it through Hurricane Ian. The blue tooth worked great with the wifi and internet down.

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I have the keypad lock, but really do not like that it does NOT have a key. I know it’s a long-shot, but what happens if battery dies, or something else prevents it from opening. I had a QuickSet keyed lock for a while and seems the first big freeze of the year is when I’d find out the batteries were dead. I had a key to get in any way. Would love a lock, with a key.

With the Wyze lock I have, you still have your key. Nothing on the outside of the door changes. You can use a key or your phone or a keypad to open it. Maybe there are two models?? And one does not retain the key slot?

There are two models, the Wyze Lock retains the outer components of the lock while just replacing the indoor components. You can attach a stand alone keypad to this one. The Wyze Lock Bolt replaces the dead bolt in its entirety and has a built in keypad on the outside with no keyhole.