Wyze Lock: unlock by NFC

In my opinion, it would be ideal to unlock the lock with NFC. NFC is present in phones, watches and tags. Wyze should develop an application for all popular smartwatch operating systems.

Mod Note: Translated from Ukrainian to English

NFC unlocking through the lock itself or through the Keypad would be ideal. you can sell an NFC-enabled keypad for example for additional cost. the lack of NFC is one of the main reasons holding me back from buying the Wzye lock.

it would enable us to use our existing phones or smartwatches etc as keys.


I was thinking they should add an NFC reader add-on like the keypad for the Wyze lock so you can use NFC tags to unlock your door, just like an office building/hotel door.


It’d be appreciated if the next version of the Waze Lock could have an NFC (and UWB if possible) chip to enable digital keys through Google Wallet and Apple Wallet. Very few locks have this feature at the moment, so it’d be a big selling point!