RFID or NFC on Wyze lock


I am looking into getting a NFC implant from dangerous things to control stuff around the house and have a digital business card in my hand. The particular one I would get is the NExT, which supports both low frequency traditional RFID on one side of it and NFC on the other side. If I got one, I would like to get a door lock that supports RFID or NFC. I was wondering if the Wyze lock supports either of those, if not, if there was a plan to release a v2 with capabilities for RFID or NFC, or a plan for a standalone keypad/reader with one of those.

Thanks for any info you may have

Wyze does not have any official support of NFC/RFID, nor is there anything currently in the public roadmap indicating plans for this.

There has been a wishlist created to be able to use NFC with the Wyze lock. I recommend discussing it voting for it here:

While not officially supported, you could reach out to the automation community for Tasker or IFTTT or Home Assistant to attempt to integrate NFC routines with Wyze devices from a DIY standpoint. Maybe reach out to their forums about anyone having any good ideas to try if that is something you really want to explore. I have played around a little bit doing NFC routines for fun (using my phone NFC or a key card or little NFC sticker), but it is a lot of work to do all of this. It helps to have some fundamental coding knowledge.

Again NFC/RFID control/routines are not something officially supported by Wyze, and there has not been any public announcement about supporting this, so the Official short answer to your question is “No, the Wyze Lock does not support using RFID/NFC.”