Announcing Wyze Lock - Available for EA

Today we’re launching Early Access for Wyze Lock—a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled smart lock that simplifies the coming home experience.

Wyze Lock adds brains to your existing single-cylinder deadbolt which makes installation significantly easier and doesn’t change how your door looks from the outside. After a quick installation you’ll be able to:

  • Lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world
  • Have your door automatically unlock when you get home
  • Have your door automatically lock when it closes
  • See when/who/and how the door is unlocked
  • Share access with your friends and family
  • Continue using your existing keys (though you won’t need to!)
  • Have your door trigger Rules in the Wyze app (like turning your lights on when the door opens)

While we have a limited supply for Early Access, Wyze Lock will be back in February 2020 along with the Wyze Lock Keypad. The Keypad is an optional accessory that makes it even easier to share access to your home. We will also have voice support coming in early 2020 so you can ask Alexa or Google to lock/unlock the door.

Making Wyze Lock was a huge undertaking for Wyze and we couldn’t have done it alone. We have had a ton of support from the community who helped prioritize which features to include, the design of the product, and (of course) testing. We also partnered with Lockin—a subsidiary of one of the largest smart lock manufacturers. By working together we’ve been able to expedite development, keep costs low, and deliver a better product to our community. Want to see how Wyze Lock was made? Check out our behind-the-scenes video here.


Placed my order! Super excited!


Me too! I am curious about one thing I wonder if it’s paintable?

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I am a fan of wyze. and have many products. the lock has issues in my opinion. I think the color and need to match hardware was underestimated as to how important it is. I also have concerns with the remote key pad and that it needs a separate mount. this too I believe was underestimated in terms of importance. Many people have no place to mount it outside. of course time will tell if my concerns are shared. still very positive on wyze products however.

Thanks for the feedback! You’re totally right about how it’s important to have the Wyze Lock match the existing hardware. That’s why we selected the silver color which matches the most common hardware color. While we don’t have alternative colors at this time it’s something we’ll consider expanding to in the future.


I am going to attempt to spray paint mine bronze to match my existing door. I know that this will void the warranty shall something go wrong but I really don’t think anything will go wrong if I take my time and do it correctly and I will have the perfect smart door lock in the color that I want so thank you very much for all of your hard work now move on to the thermostat.LOL

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wait, is it wifi or zigbee? The main page says zigbee.

thats a big difference, and having a battery efficient and secure comms method such as zigbee that can talk to my smartthings hub is a huge plus.





What about multiple locks? Do I need a bridge for each lock?


I want so much to jump on this. I had it ready to go, but I could hear the wife in my ear now.
I am skeptical about fit and seamless integration with current deadbolts.
I can live with color issues for now but the fit. That is key.
Maybe we need a list of compatible companies with corresponding production years?

Obviously you can turn it off so the door can stay open and not alert you at all during the summer correct?

I have the same question. It would be great to have integration with zigbee hub such as Smartthings.

So I went looking into LockIn, and I saw something really familiar.

Lock icons are different but they are using the same font for the numbers on the numberpad. Indicator light is in the same place on the gateway. Big thing I noticed, specifically mentions ST integration. Maybe, maybe.


That answer is here

Thanks for the info. Are there plans to integrate with Smartthings?

That’s a separate issue , here is the wish list topic


Sounds great, what is the time frame for Alexa support?