Wyze product updates - 02-17-2020

Hey, Wyze Community!

We have spent a lot of the early part of 2020 working on making a more secure Wyze experience, such as conducting an external audit and adding time-based one-time passwords (TOPT). But that doesn’t mean that we stopped working on new products. We know you’ve been wondering about our upcoming products and wanted to give you an update while it is still early in the year.

Let’s start with this chart:

Before I go into more depth on each of the products, I want to clear up something. We know most of you are eager for the launch of Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO). We are devoting as many resources as possible to WCO. There is only so much we can do at one time on a product, so we work on other products at the same time. While the chart above makes the product process appear that every product takes an equal amount of time, that is not actually the case. The complexity of a product often makes each of the stages take longer. For example, we’re in the middle of a second round of hardware testing on WCO because feedback from beta testers prompted us to make some changes. We want to release the best product possible and felt this was the right thing to do, despite the demand for WCO.

Ok, let’s dive into the updates.

Wyze Lock

Wyze Lock had its Early Access debut last December and sold out in less than 24 hours. We are excited to announce that Wyze Lock will return for an official launch on February 25 with Wyze Lock Keypad available in early April. Additionally, due to unexpected tariffs placed on smart locks, Wyze Lock will now retail for $99 but will stay at an $89 launch price for a few weeks in order to allow customers who have waited for Wyze Lock to get the lower price.

Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO)

As mentioned above, Wyze Cam Outdoor is currently undergoing its second round of beta testing with more than 200 beta testers (Thank you beta testers!). Based on their feedback and test results, we are making several changes that will make WCO better. Once the hardware is finalized and we feel that it is up to the level you all expect, we will move into mass manufacturing and prepping for our EA launch.

Here is a cool shot we got by the Puget Sound while doing some video quality testing (this guy randomly showed up and decided to go for a swim… in December):
We are getting there. Thanks for your patience.

Wyze Person Detection

We were really bummed when we had to remove person detection from Wyze Cams due to the Xnor.ai acquisition. Since their acquisition, we have been doubling down on our solution. Our in-house person detection for all Wyze Cams is in alpha testing. We are making great strides here and should have this highly requested service live again soon.

Wyze Band

We haven’t talked much publically about this product yet. Wyze Band is a wrist-wearable smart home assistant and activity tracker. Wyze Band will allow you to control Wyze devices with a tap and using Alexa Built-in, any number of Alexa-enabled devices. It also tracks steps, heart rate, and sleep. Wyze Band just completed a round of hardware testing and we are busily implementing user feedback. We expect to complete the beta phase soon and move on to preparing for the EA launch.

Wyze Scale

We mentioned that we were making a smart scale during our Wyzies award ceremony last October. Wyze Scale measures more than just weight. With it, you get complete body analysis. Wyze Scale uses weight sensors and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure weight and calculate, body fat percentage, lean body mass, heart rate, and 8 other metrics. Like most smart scales, Wyze Scale only measures impedance and weight and combines them with user inputs such as age and sex to mathematically calculate the remaining metrics. Wyze Scale is in production right now and almost ready for the EA launch. You should see it available for purchase next month.

Wyze Doorbell Cam (Wired)

Yes, we are making a doorbell. I mean, how could we not? There are no affordable and quality options on the market right now. Just like we did with Wyze Cam, we believe in making a smart doorbell cam that is accessible to all. Wyze Doorbell Cam is in its first round of testing (alpha testing), and we are working on fixing issues we have been finding. We expect to go through another 1-2 rounds of beta testing before it can launch. We are expecting this will be ready later this year.

We have some other products cooking right now but we’re not ready to spill the beans (yet). Hopefully, this update gave you some good insight into what you can expect in 2020. Don’t forget to vote for products you want to see in the Wishlist!


Ok, I was getting ready to ask what kind of music the Wyze Band was going to play!!

Thanks for all of the things you guys do to make affordable options for us.

Special thanks to Gwenolyn for trying to keep the masses calm!!


Can I be added to product testing thanks!


The doorbell has been the one I am most excited for since buying our house. I’m open to beta testing when the time comes.


Wyze band sounds awesome, have owned a Garmin a couple fitbits and currently a mi band 4,. Can’t wait to see what it looks like . Also a wired doorbell would be nice and on my list of wyze products to add to the collection.


Here’s where you can apply to be a beta tester: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze


What an exciting couple months WYZE ahead! And me especially, since I’m becoming quite the Wyze supporter!

Thanks Gwen!!! :slight_smile: I really appreciate the update!!?

I’m excited for all the new products, and have a multitude of smart home items I am experienced using already, so I’m beginning to know what features I look for and need in a product. That being said, has Wyze considered adding Wyze product controls to Apple Watch? I will head over to the wishlist and “in development” areas next to research. But, Perhaps it would be useful as an entry product for people who might want to try a smart watch for the first time.

I’m especially excited for the outdoor cams (even though the regular Wyze cams have been functioning brilliantly for me x1 year outdoors) because it would be nice to be cordless!

But my HUGE excitement is for Wyze lock! I didn’t catch the EA, so I’ve been trying to buy one on eBay, and even created an IFTTT applet for any Wyze product emails. It lets Alexa know to alert me anytime Wyze sends an email. So, as you can imagine, I’m eagerly awaiting Feb. 25!

Could you tell me what time on the 25th they will be released? I want to get that baby the second they go on sale!


Thanks for the great update. But really, do I need a Wyze scale. That’s like a stake through Dracula’s heart. I’m loving all my products as the Alexa component is an integral part of my system. Looking forward to hearing more. A scale, huh? I’ll have to think about that one. :slight_smile:


Awesome news, keep up the great work! Its so exciting to see all the great products you gals/guys are developing.




Very exciting times. The WyzeBand is really quite interesting. Really excited about all these products. I have a smart scale already but would be willing to dump it to bring it in the same ecosystem. I’m really excited to see future electrical products so hopefully that’s in the works. I’ve been purchasing wifi switches to control banks of lights in larger areas and tying them together with my wyze products with Alexa or ifttt. Will be good to have that closer integration. The keypad timing will be great as we have been working on a rental property and will be a nice addition. I have to second the @WyzeGwendolyn accolades. She does have the professionalism and patience of a saint. Thanks to all the Wyze product managers and @WyzeDongsheng for your leadership. So exciting to be a part of these exciting times!


Any update on a fix for the wyze cam google assistant stream feature? That’s been broken since forever.


Wow, I’m not sure what I did to deserve all of the ego boost comments in here but I appreciate them! Thanks, folks! :heart:

We’re happy that most of you are excited about the updates here. It has been VERY challenging for me to keep my mouth shut about Wyze Band and I’m stoked about the feedback here!

@Kaalan, I don’t think we’ve been looking into adding to Apple Watch so make sure to vote for it in the Wishlist! I don’t know what time the lock will be available on the 25th but we’re looking forward to your order. :slight_smile:

@gerrysatx, I was never interested in having a scale… Until Wyze Scale. I’ve honestly been enjoying it WAY more than I ever expected. So I can’t answer whether or not you need it but you may want to consider it. :wink:

@lando786, we’re still working with the involved companies to figure out the Google Assistant issue. We’re sorry about how long it has been taking and will have that resolved as soon as we can.


I just noticed it in the wishlist. As someone else mentioned, possibly another thread, just a widget for iPhone would be useful, which creates a button to get to your Wyze devices without having to go into the app.


Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:


Any update on the thermostat? Late last year it was said to be targeting a 2020 release so I’ve been holding off on buying an Ecobee in anticipation.


I’ve got a Zmodo video doorbell that I’d rip out in a heartbeat to get the functionality of Wyze integration.


As a Pebble fanatic who wears the Motiv smart ring to make up for it’s lack of health tracking, color me surprised and very interested in the Wyze band! Can’t wait to see more info


Any chance we could get a sneak peek at what the new products look like?