An update on outdoor camera

Hey everyone. This is Dongsheng from Wyze. I am a co-founder & CPO at wyze. I am also the main Product manager ( along with a few other PMs ) on the outdoor camera. I have some updates on the outdoor camera :
The outdoor cam will not be launching in 2019. Right now we’re planning to launch in early 2020.The delay is a result of challenges with the PIR motion sensor in an outdoor environment. Since the outdoor cam is battery powered, we had to develop a new motion alert algorithm that uses radiant heat instead of pixel comparison. PIR triggers are incredibly difficult to control outside in the elements, and we just need a little more time to improve and test the algorithm.My team has been working literally around the clock to try to make this happen! We’ve solved most of the really hard issues, but we just need a little more time to get it to a level where it’s ready for prime time.This hasn’t been a result of being distracted by other products or anything like that. We’ve had our top talent and full resources on outdoor cam all year long.
We’re sorry we missed it in 2019!


Looking forward to it in the new year.


Much rather have it right than meet an arbitrary deadline. Thanks for the update I am looking forward to buying one.


2020 is close ! Keep up the great work. Love your products.:smiley:

Looking foward to your solution. Until then my Wyze Owl

will continue to monitor my backyard from it’s perch on my porch.


As long as the bugs are worked out before launch, I can wait till middle or late 2020.


Thanks for the update
I knew there was a good probability it might be delayed some, it will be ready when it,s ready.
Release no camera before its time :grin:
Carry on :point_up_2:


Thanks for the update! We will wait patiently and no hurry. :grinning:

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Ending the year with pretty bad news on Person detection and delay on outdoor cam.

Hopefully you can deliver to plan on 2020.

Happy holidays


Gotta say it seems bad when you’re dropping the person detection bomb and this on us in 24 hours…it may not actually be but the optics are horrible.

Should we be jumping ship?

This one isn’t much of a bomb, really. For the outdoor camera, they tentatively said they were aiming for 2019, but they never made any promises or gave any specific dates.


Hello Wyze,

Thanks for the update! Look forward to buying these in 2020.

These cameras will have person detection right?? Why do we need PIR? Won’t the A.I. Take care of the unnecessary notifications?

Also how long are we going to be without person detection?

Keep us updated!


I know they were aiming for 2019 but I will gladly wait a bit longer for a product that is not rushed out with issues.

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Because a battery-powered camera can’t be always-on. PIR will trigger recordings to begin


Ah… that makes sense

I much rather have a functioning camera instead of a not-ready-for-prime-time camera! I went through that experience with the zmodo snap pro outdoor cameras: I was a kickstarter backer and those cameras were such a big failure.

I like the fact that the Wyze outdoor cameras will have pir motion detection as opposed to using pixel comparison.

Please included customizable detection zones and a few seconds of pre-recording!! :slight_smile:


Hope there are options to power/charge it via adapter (micro usb/DC socket) or via POE (with proper rubber cover for insulation/weather proofing) for permanent installation, otherwise it will be difficult to uninstall and reinstall it for charging, not to mention the down-time during charging (should be able to operate while charging). The battery should serve as UPS when its directly powered. If you can make this, together with RTSP / NAS feature on the firmware, it would be the dream IP camera most people wanted.


Hi; very disappointing on two fronts. First and to me most important is the decision to use PIR triggering. In my opinion after wasting a lot of money on products that don’t work is that you will never make it work. Secondarily, the comment about toasting batteries in a few days, In my eyes that is a “so what” the batteries were to be backup not the primary power source. In my climate even the top of the line Lithium cells barely work in the winter. I would buy in an instant a PAN cam that won’t die if it gets wet and will function in the cold. I only want batteries so that if there is a power failure I am not left exposed to bad actors and can see what is going on to verify if the backup power comes on. Maybe you need to have two types of camera? BTW, I would be OK with using a regular automotive battery for back up. The camera doesn’t have to be self contained.


That definitely won’t happen, at least while it’s battery-powered. While it’s plugged in, it might be possible. They haven’t confirmed whether it will work differently when it’s plugged in. But while it’s on battery-power, the PIR sensor wakes the camera from a sleep mode, which means it’s not on prior to the motion at all. That makes pre-recording impossible.

They’ve confirmed that it won’t be POE, but it WILL work while plugged in.