Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

We’ve been working on the outdoor camera with our manufacturer! We’re still in the design phase though so we don’t have any dates or promises to give yet. Some people have requested solar power but we probably won’t be able to make that work with the first version. We are investigating battery power though.




Although most outdoor cams will be pointed down, we still will need some overhang on the top of the cam so that the sun (giver-of-life) will not hit directly into the cam, which over time, will disable the cam.


Woud love to see this one coming. Please consider invisible ir lights on the cam. The ones on v2 are ok for the images recorded, but make the cam highly visible in the dark.


Outdoor cam will use PIR to detect movement and then wake up camera and turn on IR LED and . So IR LED won’t be on until motion detected and it is recording. Does this solve the issues you are asking ?


Thnx for the response. Using the PIR is an interesting option. It will sure make the camera not visible at the start, one of my concerns yes. I’m am curious to see the reaction time between the trigger from the PIR sensor and starting the night recording. This because when using the PIR sensor to activate the camera and night vision recording, what will happen to the first seconds before (the ‘pre-recording’ that is currently also in v2 cams) entering the sensor. Will these not be in the recorded motion video?


There will be a wake-up time, though we are working on making it as short as possible.


If these were available today for similar price point to your current cameras, I would probably buy 5 to replace my existing Arlos. There is a glitch with mine and they aren’t completing a firmware update… have gone through 3 or 4 sets of batteries trying to get the firmware update to complete on the cameras.

Based on this experience and assuming your will be battery operated… consider either (1) having an accessible power port for cases like this (obviously weather proofing would need to be a consideration) or (2) use a type of battery most folks can recharge. (The Arlos I have use CR123A and they recommend against rechargeables)


Would also like to see a weatherized housing option that would allow the wyze cam to safely be placed outside.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


Glad to see that this is being worked on. I will buy it.


So will I. Can’t wait!


I have an existing home security setup that uses outdoor POE cameras. I find POE to be very convenient - no batteries, no wireless range issues, and no power adapters. Just run a single small wire back to a POE Switch.


Would love to see more powerful IR LEDs on the outdoor version. Don’t really care about visible or invisible IR - the way I see it, visible IR is a deterrent already.

Perhaps something in a metal housing? Backup battery would be great! Just enough for 5-8 hours.

Regarding motion activation - would prefer to have it always on and only save to server with motion detection


This is so great to hear! I have 4 Wyzecams outside and the main problem I have compared to my previous Ring camera setup is that I think Ring utilized PIR (at least at night) so I didn’t have an issue with those on foggy nights or with insects flying around.

I was about to ask for a USB PIR accessory I could plug in, but an outdoor/weatherproof wyzecam would be even better. Will your implementation of PIR still allow setting up motion detection in a specific area?

Hope this comes out soon!

I bought these covers for the Wyze cam pan: Amazon.com

And they make these for the stationary Wyze cam: Amazon.com

Both are said to work great. We’ll see…I’m just installing it now.


Absolutely interested in an outdoor, wireless camera so that it can be hassle free and mount almost anywhere within range of my home WiFi. As mentioned already, using a lithium ion rechargeable battery of some kind will likely be the easiest way to manage. Low power mode (standby) when not actively being watched or during recording would help battery life. Photo Mode (like a wild game motion camera) also would be useful. I would also suggest external battery charging adapter or station so spares could be ready along with app notification of battery life and alerts. Keep being innovative WYZE, I believe you’ll come up with something cool. Thanks for the great service and products!


Here’s another thread on this topic that you all may want to take a look at for more thoughts…

Don’t care for battery power, one more device that I have to keep batteries charged. That and with battery power you can’t have continuous recording to an micro SD card like you currently can do the Wyze cams. Running a simple USB isn’t a problem for most people.


Will the future outdoor cam use the same microSD card? Answering this Q will help current users plan out their microSD card purchases.

It’s too soon in the development process to know that, but I’d be very surprised if it didn’t. Assuming it accommodates a card, there just aren’t that many options other than microSD.

Glad to see the outdoor version is being worked on. I put more Wyze Cams on hold because I couldn’t get reliable/concealed power to both locations.
If the outdoor version is rechargeable/powered via USB I could easily run USB power or a battery pack out there a few times a week to charge it. That would also allow people to run them continuously if they have power available.

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