Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

Hi Gwendolyn , - Thanks for the update - im sure it will be as great as the Wyzecam . Suggestion to have a couple sources of power ( battery and cord or solar ) reason being is , if the camera is placed out of reach changing batteries will be a chore. Just a thought

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+1 on the outdoor camera, or outdoor enclosure for existing cameras. I would personally be less interested in a battery and more interested in the current USB power or PoE power. Or, if you wanted to really break new ground, how about a suction mount for the outside of the window that magnetically connects to a wireless charger you mount on the inside of window. For me, all about being able to have the camera outside and running 24/7/365.


Great to hear this is in the works. Some great suggestions on this post, What about a power line option to get the camera to out buildings not WiFi capable? Re chargeable would be a great option as well. What are the target operating ranges of the outdoor camera?

So in the meantime I remember when I purchase my first Wyze Cam there was a discussion on how to weather proof your Wyze Cam outdoors. Is there a link on that discussion? I just purchase 2 more Wyze Cams (black) and I would like to place one outside under the roof of the front door. Thank you in advance. Looking forward to the sharp looking black cams.

I currently use 4 older Lorex cameras for outside viewing and will be replacing soon. They are wireless, though are plugged in for electricity, though not via USB. Before we discovered WYSE cams, we bought two new Lorex cams (one for outside/one inside) and they too use microSD for recording.
The lag-time from live viewing is about twice as long than either WYSE cams that we have. I hope this does not change in the outdoor version.
One thing of note is the recording differences between the Lorex and WYSE cams. For example, with WYSE, when a car drives by and comes in view, the side of the car is the beginning of the recording. With Lorex, the recording begins before a car comes in view by a number of seconds. How does Lorex do that? This is something I would like to see in the current cams and future outdoor WYSE cams.
Hope this helps.


I would like to add to keep the cost affordable. Possibly a battery pack option vs. a hardwired batter. That way a camera could be purchased without the battery for a lesser cost for those of us that would be ok running a usb, or other power wire. Those that want the cord free option, could by a battery pack…this would also keep the cost of the camera down, as you would not need to integrate charging into the unit, a separate charger could come with the battery pack.

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Hi all,
Thanks Wyze team for those amazing cameras. I just purchased them and immediately love them compared to others brands I have.
One thing that would love to see is the outdoor version, specially one that can sustain , high temperature, heavy rain and wind with about 10m IR reach. ( I live in Florida and it’s much needed with those features) . I have also seen cameras that turn on a LED light when sense motion, very nice feature I as able to discuss with a cctv company owner in China. Feel free to reach out if want more details.

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Personally I would prefer the design team was working on the enclosure route i.e. enclosures that will work using the existing camera’s and keep the elements at bay (UV, dust, water and high temp/low temp). As far as I am aware no one yet produces a standalone camera that gives all-weather protection particularly the high/low temp. They advertise it but they don’t produce it; at best they provide dust/waterproofing just like some cellphones. Even then only at great cost. To me its a holy grail not worth pursuing. With a separate enclosure you could add modules to give enhanced cooling for high temps and enhanced heating for low temps. or enhanced seals for dust storms or water drenching and space to put in a battery (which also is a device that does not do well at high or low temps). Example: For SEA and ANC enhance heating and water seals. For DFW enhanced dust seals and cooling. Keep with your philosophy - great camera at great price. Modulize. Great modules at great prices.

our design will support both battery mode and plugin mode


An outdoor enclosure for the v2 would be good. Perhaps the many third party enclosures already take care of that option.

I am not particularly interested in battery power. For me that spells fiddling with recharging and reliability problems when I need the camera most.

Keep it simple with USB and/or POE.

I wanted to start a thread hoping Wyzecam looks into the very near future for outdoor cameras. I will be in the market for some outdoor cameras for my home and business. Some thoughts on functionality for future products that I would like to see and keeping the low prices as they have already done for their indoor cameras would be the following:

  1. 1/2.5 inch, 8 megapixel sensor/ 4K wishful thinking.
  2. 8x digital zoom or higher.
  3. 1080p at 60 frames /sec H2.64 encoding.
  4. 130 digital wide-angle view or better.
  5. 6 or more LED high-power infrared for night vision.
  6. 2 way talk and listen.
  7. Status light on/off option.
  8. IP65 ratingfor outdoor usage (withstand dust/rain/snow).
  9. Magnet Mount w/weatherproof cable.
    10.Option for high SD card memory for better continuous recording.
    11.Micros-B Power cable.
    12.128-bit AES with TLS/SSL
  10. Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n/. 2.4GHZ and 5 GHz.
  11. Bluetooth Low energy.
  12. Google Home/Amazon Alexa support with Chromecast capability.

One function I would like to see in the indoor cameras as well as the future outdoor cameras (if they make this product), I would like to have the app deduct your proximity based on your GPS location. This would allow the cameras to be turned off when you are at home. Or setup a schedule to when the cameras can be turned on/off based on a scheduled set within the app. Similar to how we have for the notifications.

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My only request would be to make the camera be able to survive a cold of a winter and the heat/humidity from the summer in Minnesota. If you can do that with everything else staying the same on the current one, that would be fantastic. At ~$25 a pop, I think I might be ok with testing the current model outside.

I would be placing it under an eave, so it will be out of direct sunlight/rain. However, there is nothing I can do to stop the temps and humidity from blasting it.

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I live in Wisconsin so I feel your pain. I currently put my v2 outside under an eave. So far so good. We will see how it holds up.

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I have just deployed two of these in custom water resistant enclosures. I would like to know if WYSE is working on their own enclosure? This would be a very useful add on.

Any pictures or links to the enclosures? I’d like to take a look.

I have them fabricated in this waterproof box:


The plastic view port is a little blurry. I am working on a better waterproof view solution. Will post when I have it complete!

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You don’t get any issues with glare when the night vision turns on. I have one of mine facing the yard behind the window. When it’s lights out, the red lights that turn on during night vision causes a glare distorting all imaging.

Regarding item #13 in your OP, I’d like to take it a step further! …

  1. Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHZ and 5 GHz.

Prerequisite for ac would be support for the 5 GHz band of course.

Which has me thinking … if/when support for 5 GHz becomes available, it would be nice if (during setup) we could specify the 5 GHz band for cameras that are close in proximity to the router and the 2.4 GHz band for ones that are the furthest away

Wyze doesn’t make the camera guys, it’s licensed hardware. So I doubt we’ll see a design change, at least not from this company.


You know you’re right. Future request should maybe be some type of housing that the cam can go into. I’m guessing, even if we can keep it out of direct sunlight and direct water contact, the humidity and cold will do it in over time.