Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 (Battery Cam v2) Ideas

I know the Wyze Cam Outdoor has recently been released however, I have some ideas for a second version of the Outdoor Cam which I think a lot of people would like as well. There are definitely some improvements that need to be made and I have a lot listed below.

Important things:

  1. Able to be wired (plugged in). Would like the option to have the camera plugged in while keeping it weatherproof.
  2. Solar Powered. Wyze needs to sell a solar panel that will work with this camera. If you can’t or don’t want to plug it in you need to be able to use a solar panel to keep it charged. This eliminates having to take it down and recharge it.
  3. Support continuous recording. If the camera is made to be plugged in it should support continuous recording. Just like the V2, it could record to a MicroSD card. This is very important for the Outdoor Camera. It needs to be recording 24/7 so you can go back at any time and watch what happened.
  4. The base station can connect directly to WiFi as well as Ethernet. I’m not sure why this isn’t already available. Most people don’t have easy Ethernet access to the places they need to put the base station. We should be able to connect the base station directly to WiFi as well as Ethernet.
  5. Thanks to @alvaros for this idea! I’d like the cameras to be wired AND have the internal battery as a backup in case of power failure (or a thief cutting your power cable)
  6. Make the battery removable so that you can quickly swap batteries if you are using it as a battery camera. And to take as backup if you are using it plugged in.
  7. Keep the PIR motion detector in the camera. Even though it could be plugged in the PIR motion detector is still nice to reduce false motion events.

Should have:

  1. Support larger than 32GB MicroSD card. 32GB gives you a lot of storage if the camera is not recording 24/7 but if the second version of Outdoor Cam can have continuous recording it should support a MicroSD larger than 32GB.
  2. More Frames Per Second. Maybe 30 FPS during the day and 20 FPS during the night. Obviously I haven’t seen any video quality at night (other than on the website) but I can imagine that 1080p at 10 FPS at night probably isn’t great quality.
  3. Stronger IR lights. To see clearer and farther at night. Or Wyze could integrate a spotlight into the camera?
  4. Thanks to @limpha for this idea! Don’t require a base station at all. Leave it as optional. The point of a base station is so the camera’s battery doesn’t drain super fast. It will drain a lot faster if it’s connected directly to WiFi. But if we get a second version of this camera that is made to be plugged in users don’t have to worry about the battery draining. So we should have the option to not use a base station and connect the Outdoor Cam directly to WiFi.
  5. Thanks to @alvaros for this idea! I’d like the base to be more of a DVR. I don’t want a 32 GB max micro SD, I want a USB connector where I can plug:
  • A card reader (to use an SD or micro SD card)
  • A PenDrive
  • An external HDD (mechanical or SSD)
    I’d go with the HDD option, but if you want to spend as few cash as possible, you can use the other options.
    This enables the possibility of recording videos of ANY length (but I’d still want to have per camera options like ‘On (Motion / Person / Sound) Record a (configurable length) video’ / ‘On (schedule) record continuous video’, etc.).

Being able to remotely access the base through Wyze’s app to watch the locally recorded videos would be the icing on the cake!
6. Thanks to @garylenz3 for this idea! It would be great if Wyze offered an outdoor cam with a small solar panel on top of the housing, so you’d never have to manually recharge the battery for a cam in an area with enough sunlight.
7. Thanks to @my560sec for this idea! Make the camera be able to pan around. An outdoor ptz camera.
8. Multiple people have said that the Wyze Outdoor Cam Base Station should have POE. This would allow you to only use one cable for the Internet and Power.
9. Thanks to @les1 for this idea! It would be useful to be able to add the “spot light” attachment to the Outdoor Cam.


  1. Higher resolution. 1080p is pretty good but if Wyze makes another camera they could look into 2K or 4K resolution. This would put Wyze really high up in the market as not many outdoor cameras have 2K or 4K resolution.
  2. Siren. I think Wyze should look at putting an alarm/siren on the camera. You could turn it on/off manually or have it go on/off automatically based on motion at certain times. This can easily scare away anyone who should not be there.
  3. Thanks to @arch for this idea! Mesh wifi between cameras. This would allow for each camera to create a WiFi point that other cameras could connect to. Sort of like a WiFi extender built into the camera.
  4. Thanks to @juliehansen5 for this idea! I am very excited to purchase an outdoor camera and have waited for this with great anticipation. I realize this may seem like a strange “wish” but I am all about aesthetics when it comes to the outside of my home- you know "curb appeal.’ Would it be possible to make the outdoor camera case out of a material that could be painted the same color as the exterior of your home, to blend in and not make it stand out so much?
  5. Thanks to @my560sec for this idea! Let the Wyze Sense line connect to the Outdoor Camera bass station. This would allow for less devices in a home. Wyze is currently working on a standalone hub for Sense but they should make the Sense connect to the Outdoor bass station to have less devices.
  6. Thanks to @joe.deliso for this idea! Just a suggestion, instead of having the outdoor cam store continuous for 10 hours on an SD card or only 12 seconds per event.
    Crate an option that will allow the event / motion recording to store say 10 minutes or 30 minutes to the SD card at each event.
    This way the battery will last longer than 10 hours continuous use and less than the 3 - 6 month event recording only. Still giving the user the flexibility and security with the outdoor camera being in use.
  7. Thanks to @UltraVegas for this idea! To add I think an ‘option’ to be able to use PoE for the power source would be a huge plus…

Wyze made a great Outdoor Camera don’t get me wrong! I’m going to be buying a few of these for my house but if it would have had the option to be plugged and still be weatherproof I would have bought about 12. I want to put these up and forget about them. I don’t want to get up on a ladder every 4-6 months. I need them to be able to be plugged in and stay weatherproof as well as record continuously. These are the most important things for me. I do like the battery option for areas I don’t have power. I do have a few places I will be putting these cameras. But the places I do have power it would be nice to have them plugged in and have continuous recording just like the Wyze Cam V2. If Wyze could make a second version of Outdoor Cam with the same features it has now but with support to be plugged in and have continuous recording and maybe a few other features that would be great! Having the option for the camera to run on battery or be plugged in will reach the most amount of users.

I think others will also want some of these features and I hope Wyze will listen to us and maybe in another 2 years we will see Wyze Cam Outdoor V2!

Thanks Wyze!

Since they directly recommend against keeping it plugged in, I can’t see this ever happening with this device.

We want a wyzecam outdoor with the ability to record continuously 24/7 just like the wyzecam v2 while being plug in.


Why not just use a V2? Maybe add a case if you’re worried about it.
I’ve 3 V2’s and a Pan outside.


I would guess (just a guess) that he or she has been patiently waiting 2 years for an approved outdoor WyzeCam and finds it won’t do what we expected.


Hopefully Wyze can release a second version of the Outdoor Camera that is made to be plugged in so it will have continuous recording?


Possibly but the info has been posted for a while now.
I was surprised they designed it to not be used while plugged in. WYZE employees had confirmed that it would have USB and battery. They neglected to tell us the USB port was for indoor use only.


I was waiting for a plug in outdoor cam and planned on upgrading all my V2’s, but I’m just not interested in recharging a battery :cry:
The new outdoor cam looks like a great product, just doesn’t match what I was hoping for.


Outdoor cam is great, features are great.

A waterproof V2 that can be plugged into power and doesn’t have a battery would be great!


Yes yes yes!! I wish the Outdoor Cam was meant to be plugged in and have continuous recording!!


You can buy the new Logitech Circle View camera. It seems to support what you want and only costs 100 dollars more than the New Wyze outdoor cam?



Or something like the Yi Outdoor Camera that at $39 with free shipping is $20 LESS than the new Wyze?

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Other than having to pay for cloud storage which raises the cost considerably.

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Yes, true. I took a look at their plan options the other day. They’re… weird.

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I have to admit I don’t understand what they are doing there.

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Please make a wyze cam that is weather proof.
Nothing more than that.
Either take the current wyze cam and make it weather-proof,
Or, take the Outdoor Wyze Cam, take the battery out, and make the plug weatherproof in some way.


This is a wishlist for Wyze products not a comparison of much more expensive products. Lol

Done. < $5 extra per camera. :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed. But it’s always good to have choices! :blush:

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Yes most of use these, but not the point of the wishlist request. :wink: