I actually have a Wyze V2 set up at my back door which works flawlessly. I then have the WCO set up deeper into the backyard behind the V2. I tried to setup the trigger so that when the V2 gets a hit the WCO will start recording… nothing. Doesn’t work.

The WCO needs major work. It simply doesn’t work.

How’s the signal between the base and the WCO? I just now set up a rule to trigger the WCO with a V2 and it worked. WCO clip started 1 second after the V2 clip started.

Not sure why you’re having so many issues? I have mine set up overlooking my backyard and have had 0 issues. Its been working amazing so far, and I’m super happy with it. I’m also especially happy with the price point… I have two more outdoor cameras ordered and will order another one soon for my camper trailer.

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Though I haven’t had any issues and it works as it was made to I am also very disappointed in this camera. I like @ROBOCAM and many others wished it preformed more like the V2! I was really hoping that we would get an outdoor V2 Camera with a battery. I thought we would be able to plug it in so we could get continuous recording. I thought it would have a good sized battery to compete with other battery powered cameras. I wanted all the features of V2 but made for the outdoors.


Wyze brings us a only battery powered outdoor camera with 2 small batteries inside. You can’t remove them and I am finding I’ll be needing to recharge this camera about every 1.5 months. YAY! It does not support being plugged in which means it doesn’t have continuous recording. You ONLY HAVE 12 SECOND CLIPS. You can’t even record the entire event to a MicroSD card! I bought 2 MicroSD cards with my purchase. One for the base and one for the camera. I assumed like many others you could record the entire event to the MicroSD card and back it up to the base station. That’s not how it works. The MicroSD card in the camera is for time-lapses and “scheduled recording”. What’s this?

It seems as if this camera is more of a trail cam than anything else. “Travel Mode” so you can take this on camping trips and such. “Time lapses” for sunsets.

While the camera does everything it was made to do for me I just wish it did more. I expected it to offer way more than it does.


I don’t understand why Wyze would remove some good features that they originally had in there! I really hope they add them back soon!

This is a thread I made to vote for a V2 Outdoor Cam.

I’m trying to get as many votes as I can so Wyze will see that people want more features.


It’s an outdoor camera. It doesn’t say it’s a security camera anywhere in the description (although its language about motion detection would lead you to believe so). Using it as a security camera is your choice, but it has other uses outdoors. That’s not to deny your issues or experience, just framing your expectations for a very inexpensive device. Real security cams with deep reliability and functionality cost more. Trying to make something cheap do the same thing appeals to me, too, but I accept in advance that it’s going to be a bit lesser of an outcome. But yeah, it should actually do what it’s supposed to!


Agreed. 12 seconds is way too short, but then again, as slow as it is in detecting motion, the extra time would only record empty pathway since the subject left the frame already. I get like 2.5 seconds of actual content.


Holy cow, those are some well-fed, fat little raccoons!

This thread makes me very happy. I was going to order 2 outdoor cams until Wyze once again screwed up the F/W updates for the PanCam and V2 which caused me to rethink that decision and not follow up on that purchase.

I’m elated that this thread has validated my decision. :+1: :laughing:

i’m using a non-outdoor wyze cam outside at my gate (just over 100 yards from my home and router) and have had no problems.

i have it installed under the eave of an outbuilding to protect it from the elements.

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I sent mine back. While Wyze did not refund the original shipping, they did provide a pre-paid return shipping label - USPS 2-day Priority Mail. I think that is customary and fair. FYI, I also cancelled my pre-order for two add-on cameras.

Great idea

The Wyze Outdoor Smoking Pile of **** even is on my news-feeds…
Another not so good Wyze Outdoor Cam Review


Happy with my WCO. But I understand the limitations of technology, battery life (2600 mAh is not small), and cost. I neverr thought of as anything beyond a hobby-grade camera.

Works perfectly, detects me every time, sends me an alert so I can review if necessary.

Wish the base station could be connected wirelessly, but I understood the limitations before I made my purchase.

Not a fan boy, thought Wyze broke away into too many different market segments too quickly and their overall value proposition suffered.

Anyway, this forum seems to be filled with entitled spoiled brats. This much whining over a $60 camera? C’mon, nobody ripped the cash out of your hand. Grow up and move on if you are not happy. Revenue is Wyze’s ultimate report card and time will tell.


So is Indoor. They make cute iPhone-looking cameras, but they only work for people who wear white socks with Birkenstocks and drive Volvos. Even then, they only work on the weekends. They were a nice concept, but due diligence was not given the project by people who know what they’re doing… at least in the technical sense. Financially, they make a ton of sense to the Wyze company because so many people don’t bother to return the equipment.


So let me get this strait, since you are having trouble with a product you start calling the community names?

I’m sorry your having trouble, but there is a huge community of people that aren’t having any problems at all. And we do not deserve to have you come on here talking down to us.

Now go take yourself to the support line and politely Ask for a refund. Then next time you want to make yourself feel better about life, try doing it in a way that doesn’t talk down to people.


Is the distant building a metal building, to better capture the WiFi signal?
I also have played with this, installing a stub exterior WiFi antenna on the indoor camera inside a 3rd party cover, powered temporarily with a cell phone power pack and another day with a larger 12V battery, controller, 12V to 5V converter all in an ammo box plus a solar panel on a PVC pole. Worked great. If I included an extra cell phone in the box as a hotspot, I had live video anytime, from a remote spot in a back field.

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no, it’s a wooden shed with a clear line-of-sight to the house and router:

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I was hoping that my initial impression of the WCO was wrong, and that some “secret sauce” would make it better than it sounded when it was released. Apparently not.

Anyone who is serious about security cameras would never touch a battery-powered device with a 10-foot pole. The power budget of a battery-powered camera makes it impossible to do much with it. And as WCO owners will soon learn, climbing up a ladder to pull down a camera for recharging every few weeks gets very old, very quickly.

I love my v2 cameras, and constantly recommend them to neighbors who are looking for a cheap security camera that is easy to install. How I wanted the WCO to be a worthy successor to the v2. Instead we got another imitation of the Blink. Here’s hoping that Wyze gets back on track with the next camera they release.

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