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Subject: Wyze Cam Outdoor

From: All of us who are $60+ lighter with a cute camera shaped paper weight.

All joking aside, instead of going all ‘me too’ on someone else’s thread I thought this deserved a new. I was one of the early purchasers of the Outdoor hoping it would be a major step up from the V2 or at the very very least the V2+Battery. Well, long story short, I was way off! The only reason I bought this cam was because I like the V2 so much. So, how on earth could you guys release an outdoor cam like this?

You’ve removed the security camera from the security camera! Unless mine is a dud, this thing doesn’t really do anything. I have situated the camera in the eve of the roof (same style location as my V2s) and HAVE paid attention to the detection zone, turned UP the settings for maximum detection and when I walk in the zone… nothing. In fact, it’s not until I walk almost completely through the frame does the cam start recording. Giving it tons of time in the ‘detection zone’, the only footage I ever get from it is of my back walking away… for 12 measly secs. So, what’s the point??

Oh, and lets talk about that 12 seconds! What the heck, you give us 12 seconds?? That’s it?? I slapped my 32GB card in there hoping it would perform exactly like the V2 and… still nothing. Please let me inform you, most of us are NOT buying this thing for time lapses of the sunset… so, why are we not able to record events to memory card? Please don’t tell me it’s because you want us to pay for a subscription service.

We bought a security camera that isn’t actually a security camera. Honestly, more like a childs toy. Why oh why are you not allowing us to record full length events to the card and reference them just like the V2? If your answer is ‘the battery’ then let US decide how to use the thing… and why then did you design this thing with such a small battery?

You have removed the very features that built your company! We don’t want to pay for a subscription service. We want the camera to work like the V2 with a battery. We want the memory card to record full length (1min+ ?) events that are searchable in the app. This WAS my cheap ‘DIY’ security camera system that I was pleased enough with for the price. Now, I feel like I just wasted $60

Please let us know very soon how you plan to fix this thing…



There are hundreds of other unsatisfied users on here as well. We were all duped into thinking that it would be a great camera based on the feed back all of us offered on the forums. They ignored all of us and offered a substandard camera that is totally useless and a waste of money just like most of their NEW items. Just dump as many new worthless, substandard items on your users instead of making your existing items better based on customer feedback. This will not fair well for future items you offer…


I agree the WCO early access launch hasn’t gone well for a lot of people, myself included. It was especially jarring since I was a beta tester and the WCO was working great during testing. I’m not sure what changed, but I’m hoping for an update that a) fixes the notifications/reliability, and b) puts back some of the features that were removed.

Based on early testing I was considering replacing most of my V2s with WCOs because they were just that good.


That’s interesting. Was the feature to record full-length events to sd card and then reference them there? Was the camera triggering and recording events like the V2?

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I’d have to go back to my notes, but yes it worked very much like the V2 without continuous recording (scheduled recording is the closest to continuous you can get). The main difference with the WCO was that everything has to be downloaded from the WCO to the Wyze app first, there is no direct streaming from the SD card. That made it a bit more time-consuming and error-prone to download each event video, and may be the reason it was removed in favor of the 12-second cloud recordings.

That’s why I haven’t written off the WCO, because I’ve seen what it’s capable of and I’m optimistic that Wyze will fix whatever is causing the long notification delays and add features back. If you’ve been around since the V2 there were some serious issues with it as well, but they’ve been solid cameras (until recently).


I’m experiencing the same issue with detection, I set the detection zone correctly, cranked the settings all the way up, and I can watch myself walking around all over the zone without triggering motion detection. That really needs to be improved.


Yes! Walking around INSIDE green detection zone and … nothing. I hate to sound so harsh and I know there are lots of people who poured their hearts out to make this product but… this cam, at the moment is worthless. Are we to just wait and HOPE that it’ll be updated?


Would you be able to share any more tidbits about other features/differences that you had access to during the WCO beta testing (assuming they aren’t prohibited by any NDAs)?

For instance, did the PIR sensor wake-to-start-recording time act the same as it does now? Or was it faster?

It gives me hope to hear what the WCO can/will eventually become. :slight_smile:

Seriously disappointed in the company. I thought with the V2 they were a small company with gifted leadership and vision. Now, after the release of the outdoor cam which doesn’t record any motion , I wonder about the judgment of those who gave this launch a green light. It seriously records maybe one event per day pointed at my driveway. I go to my car and leave multiple times per day. IN SHORT, the most important feature of a SECURITY CAMERA IS FOR IT TO DETECT INDIVIDUALS BREAKING IN ONE’s VEHICLES, HOMES, ETC. THIS WONT DO IT. I’ve tried all the settings. I want to return this.


I feel the same. I looked into their return policy and it seems it might be possible but they will not refund the shipping charges nor pay for the shipping back…

Disappointed to. Same problem no motion detection. Not a security cam. Not a trail cam. Oo look i can record at a camp site. Dam, I do that with my phone. Could use it as a car cam, o ya to big. Its a millennials toy for about a month. cause they all have GoPro. Not worth the shipping and hassle to send back.
I have had wyze cams for the last year and half and finally realized after somebody went thru my cars and camera didn’t tell me. These are apartment or tiny home cameras. But if you don’t have cloud storage and they steal camera your out of luck. Or if wifi is down.


When you’re Live Streaming a WCO cam, you don’t get Events and their associated notifications. Don’t watch yourself… kill the app, walk through the zone and see what happens.


And don’t forget when the email blast went out about early access launch, it was touted by Wyze as their biggest announcement and launch since 2017!


Same here, after trying to work with them I finally asked how to return it. That was 4 days ago and haven’t heard back from Roland yet.


Wow i really don’t have anywhere near the same experience as you guys. I was upset with the WCO until i realized the mounting it upside down wasn’t going to work. after moving it and mounting it rite side up i have been very happy with it. Every time the mother-in-law comes over i know about it :wink:

The only problem i have now is that the battery is at 23% less than a week after i got it. I’m hoping that its just from all the messing around with it i have been doing in order to get it set up correctly. well that and 12 seconds of video is a bit short. I would rather 30 - 45 second video clips.

anyways, i urge you guys to give it another shot. Try moving it to another location (probably with better signal to the base) and don’t mount it upside down. Kill the app and let the cam do its thing for a few hours. don’t try to force it to do what you want, but work with it as it is and see if it meets your needs.


I’ve pretty much been doing that since I installed it. I have to get really close to it to set it off.

How high up from the ground do you have it mounted?

I feel the same, I have written several times and have gotten nothing other than what seems like an auto response telling me to view the FAQ’s I have wasted time and $64


Right under my gutter, one story house, so maybe 10 feet up.

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Wow. :confused: It sounds like you have it set up ideally. Not sure why you’re not getting Events recorded unless you’re live streaming or doing scheduled recordings. I have 2 set up on my house and 2 set up remotely. It took a while to get them positioned in a way that eliminated the wake-up-to-record delay, but they’re all triggering and recording events day and night. This one is mounted on the 3rd story looking down at the 2nd level deck. It triggers and records immediately from anywhere in the green box, even all the way down to ground-level 3 stories below. It even triggers from something as small as a bird or raccoon:

If you can’t get it working to your satisfaction, perhaps yours has a problem? You may want to consider returning it or exchanging it. If you go this route, you’ll get faster service by calling the customer support line. They’re no doubt swamped right now though.

Wyze Customer Support
1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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