Outdoor Cam Frustration

So I have had the outdoor cam for a week now and am all but disapointed. Here is a list I have compiled of my complaints.

I cannot run HD for it drains the battery

The detection system is either crap or I cannot figure it out. I have a blink camera right next to the wyze outdoor cam for testing, and the blink camera picks up little critters running at night past the cameras and the wyze gets absolutely nothing. Not only does it not get nothing, the wyze outdoor camera’s distance metric wont pick me up walking by it, unless i am almost on top of it. Doesnt matter how its set,

I also cannot access the SD Card from the app like you can with the indoor v2 and pan…unless I just cannot find it.

Some direction or advice would be appreciated, since this was a major anticipation, and honestly, a major let down thus far.

Yep, sounds familiar, quite a few people are discontent with the Outdoor model. Mine settled down as regards person detection. Probably a good thing in my case but it doesn’t detect a squirrel running on a railing 4 ft away since it uses PIR detection methods instead of pixelization. I mounted it on a wall at a height where a tall person could easily steal it, in which case I won’t particularly care.

Wyze Cam V2 is highly successful. What did everyone do with this highly successful indoor camera. They found ways of installing it outside. So everyone wanted an outdoor camera. Instead of putting the Wyze Cam 2 camera internals into a weatherproof enclosure they totally reinvented the internals and charged it to a battery version. Fail, fail. Battery cameras are hopeless. The batteries never last as long as the manufacturer claims.

If they had given us a Powered Wyze Cam V2 in a weatherproof case it would have been a blazing success.

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How often are you live streaming the camera?

I have not bought one and will not, as it is battery operated.

It’s good for taking time lapse pics and as a paper weight. Unfortunately, it’s not good as an outdoor security camera. I’m just trying to figure out want to do with it now.

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I just bought cases on Amazon and they work great with V2s. I even mounted one next to the outdoor cam I’m removing to sit in a drawer.

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