I given up on Wise Cams

I’ve tried and tried to make these cameras work for me. My needs are very basic. I only want to be able to view the video from my cameras.

I’ve installed SD cards in each camera as well as the base station. I subscribed to Cam Plus. I’ve followed all of the instructions that I’ve been directed to.

But today when someone stole all of the packages off of our porch I could only get 12 seconds of video.

The recording stopped before we even saw him actually take the packages. Luckily my neighbor had a different camera which caught the culprit leaving with our stuff.

I don’t care what the price point is, there is literally no value in these cams if I can’t even go back and find the entire video on my SD card or on the cloud.

And I don’t understand how paying for Cam Plus helps me.

I’m just tired of being frustrated on a regular basis and this time Wyze Cams really let me down for the last time.


Did you set your recording limitations to higher,we have ours set at 1 minute with no cool down and all work just right

The Wyze Cam Outdoor doesn’t allow for continuous recording to SD card, but the V3 indoor/outdoor does.

The outdoor cam works best when motion moves horizontally across the detection field, rather than vertically since it is PIR based and not pixel based for initial detection.

Attaching a video or screen grab of what was caught may help in getting a better setup for your cameras for future use.

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I did change the recording settings. I got the outdoor cams as soon as they were available. I just can’t fight with them anymore. I am defeated.

Wrong camera for the purpose. The battery powered Outdoor camera is so massively limited in order to make the battery last that as far as I’m concerned is almost worthless. The wired cameras would have gotten the video.

Sorry for your porch pirate loss. My solution to that is that almost everything gets shipped to my work where there is always someone there. What does not go there goes to an Amazon locker location near home.


“The Wyze Cam Outdoor doesn’t allow for continuous recording to SD card, but the V3 indoor/outdoor does.” Is this true? Im chatting with Wyze support asking why under my outdoor cam< advanced settings< sd card< is it showing both the base and camera as two potential spots where cards should go? I asked him if he said I should put sd cards in both locations and he said yet?

The different card locations want to pertains to the WCO and it’s base station, have different functions. The card in the camera is for a scheduled recording and time lapses whereas a card in the base is a location to back up your cloud recordings if you do not have cam plus. The WCO does not have continuous recording like say a V2 or a V3 does.


Both cameras allow for SD. The V3 has the option to continuously record to the SD in the settings. The outdoor cam does not have this option. It will only record if an event is detected. The recordings for the outdoor camera can be found in the album when you select that camera.

Actually the WCO does have a way to set it to record continuous in the scheduled record settings. There is a choice of continuous or motion events. I would not choose continuous, battery will be at 0% in 8 hours or less. Scheduled event recording is great, just ask my possum and raccoon friends. :upside_down_face:


That’s not exactly the same as continuous recording like it is on the V3. It’s a scheduled recording that will stop after the scheduled time. The V3 has continuous recording, not dependent on a schedule and will just keep recording and overwriting until you turn continuous recording off.

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The recording on the WCO will keep going until the battery dies, my V3 can’t do that. :upside_down_face:

Right the v3 continuously records because it won’t die.

Yes i have 2 V3 running on 2 power banks it will run for about 3 days we had items missing from 2 locations so we deplored them to the site and cought the sticky finger guy useing RavPower the biggest ones they make,there not cheap but work great,then we have 2 20 watt fast charges it provides 5,9,12 vdc depending on what your charging and use C to C cable

My album is always empty. I have events that record but nothing is saved in the album

On your outdoor cam, do you have an SD card in it, and do you have it set to record to SD for events?

Sorry, I just saw you have the SD cards in them. What are your settings? Can you share a screenshot?

You might also want to take the SD card out and try to pull the recordings that way.

I read all the post,and she has her settings not correct

I used to have two v2s outside under my soffit for 3+ years.
Worked fine dealing with -40 last winter & +40c this summer. I can stream anything length of video from the SD card…
I recently replaced them with v3’s which have also have been working well, the picture looks great, especially at night. It hasn’t been as cold, only -37c at the end of December.
I moved the v2s to other places.

I was able to send pictures of people skulking around to the police a few years back.

Your album will stay empty unless you are doing scheduled event recording. As stated above the SD in the cam is only for Scheduled event recording/scheduled continuous recording or time lapse. The SD in the base will not work for you because you have cam plus (It states that on the app by the back up to base setting). If you really want event videos on your SD in the cam follow the directions for scheduled recording posted above. Set the cam for scheduled events only, set the time period for 30 days, set to no cooldown period, set the length of each video to the max recording for event to the max. of 5 minutes. I know it works as I have been doing it for a little over one year on 4 cams. The events will only be recorded as long as motion continues. If motion stops then starts again another recording will begin.

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Even if you caught them on camera you probably won’t be able to ID them. If package theft is common in you area you need a different delivery solution.

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