Outdoor Cams Same Functions As Indoor?

I have an indoor cam v2, and it has been working well. It does event recording for free, and I have an SD card in it for continuous recording.

Decided to buy 2 outdoor cams and 2 SD cards to do the same…

but the event recording seems different, as does the sd recording. To record video events and sd recording, do I have to buy some plan now for these 2 new cameras?

If not, how do I set it up the same?


Good question! Following as I have 1 outdoor cam with micro SD card and it doesn’t save to sd card. Cant figure it out

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The outdoor cams (battery powered with base station) cannot continuously record to SD like the other cams. You can set up a scheduled recording, or event only recording.

The recordings with the Sd cards in the camera can be viewed in the album (accessed through the devices live screen), and I believe via view playback on the cloud event recording in the events tab.


Wish I knew that it couldn’t record continuously before I got them.

So how do I set this up to do scheduled recording and event recording?

When I click on the help, it’s no help. Some instructions would be nice.

When I click on event recording, I get an option to switch the recording type from image to video…than a window comes up to buy “cam plus”. That’s my only option.

I may just send these back.

Go to the cameras live view, click settings, click advanced settings. The Sd card options are there.

For scheduled recordings go to the cameras live view, click more.


Also, the event tab on the Wyze app only shows your cloud recordings. Now, a subscription is required to keep the 12 second could recordings, but there is a free option in cam plus lite.

The event recording section of the settings of all cameras has always been the cloud recordings, the Sd settings are separate.


That is one of several limitations in order to preserve battery life. Wyze had to make decisions about functionality limitations because it is battery operated. In my opinion, some of those limitations render the Outdoor camera essentially useless.


Agree not a camera I would recommend. I have 2 x V2 and 2 x V3 plus the outdoor cam which is the least practical of them all unless you have a specific short term use for a wireless application

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How do you get cam plus lite? The only thing that comes up is a paid version.

You’ll have to search the forum for cam plus lite. There’s a couple of walk throughs (video, text, or photo).

The outdoor cam would benefit greatly from a “solar” option. In Solar mode, the camera should be able to function much like a v3 cam: no base station required, record events to local SD. I recognize that continuous recording would exhaust the battery (even with solar) in about 4 hours; but if only events are recorded, solar charging keeps the battery fully charged. The unavoidable limitation: PIR motion detection only.

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i bought 4 x outdoor camera and lack of Sd recording event for 12s made them useless for me and asked other people to see what the others think and all angry. i think they could add the SD card recording easily but their new fishy business model in 2022 is to force all people to buy the CAM+. they will lose the US market and go bankrupt soon for this reason. i don’t recommend buying the mothly plan if they are going to be bankrupt and your data will be in China.

What kind of outdoor cams do you have, the V3 indoor/outdoor or the battery powered WYZE Cam Outdoor?

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The outdoor cameras (wireless battery) do allow recording to SD card.

The subscription service only applies to cloud recordings.

The event tab in the app shows your cloud recordings only, it does not/has never shown the sd card recordings.

i have the version3 recently bought outdoor cam. i know you guys are paid to answer but i am an electrical engineer and a savvy in technical stuff. the new fishy business model to force people to buy the CAM+ will kill your business and you will lose your jobs. outdoor camera capability of record events in to SD card is limited and/or eliminated from the firmware. wyze will go bankrupt soon because of this pushing of CAM+.

The battery operated outdoor cam with base station… i havent been able to review SD cards even though there are slots for them.

I have Cam plus on 4 of 5 cameras but its not always reliable so SD card is a good option. Since SD card isnt able to be used on the battery operated outdoor camera I rate it a 2 star product.

If you have a V3 outdoor camera the SD card works great to review but still like the cam plus multi rate feature for 4 licences.

I’m not paid to answer, I’m just a regular user.

The v3 camera can record to SD without a subscription. The recordings can be found by clicking view playback on the live view or on the cloud event from the events tab.

The events tab only shows you the cloud recordings, it does not show the sd card recordings.

The sd card recording settings can be found in the settings under sd card.

The other setting toggle in the settings page for thumbnail or video is strictly for the cloud recording.

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outdoor camera capability of record events into SD card is limited and/or eliminated from the firmware. this is not something you can hide by posting misinformation here and tricking people.
we are talking about wyze Outdoor cam and SD card recording of events.

I’m not tricking anyone, nor posting misinformation. I’m simply trying to explain how the camera and app functions, to the best of my ability.

I have outdoor cameras at my house and until the last update I had no issues in saving to SD. The bug was reported and is being worked on. Wyze tends to put out fixes really quickly for these kinds of things in my experience with them.

No one is being forced to use cam plus or cam plus lite. You can forgo the subscription and just use the sd cards. And cam plus lite doesn’t even force you to pay, there is a custom amount option.

There is a common misunderstanding in the forums regarding the events listed on the event page being sd recordings. They are not. They are and have always been just the cloud recordings.

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Thank you for ongoing answers.

The outdoor camera? I don’t think there is a view playback option.