I never been able to recode anything with Wyze cam outdoor

Hello All, long overdue for almost 2 years or less may be. i was the first buyer of wyze cam Outdoor and I am still not sure how to record on it. i put sd card on the cam but it does not do anything. i put sd card on the base nothing happen i put sd card on both and same results

How do I get this camera to record automatically like wyze cam V2 do ?

Any advise please


Are you kidding us

The battery-powered Outdoor camera does not do SD-card recording like wire-powered cameras. So the only thing I might recommend it rotating the battery-powered camera to a location where you can’t do a wired connection, and replacing it with a wire-powered V3?


Your rong,we currently have over 52 of them at our sites and works just fine with the 32gb sd card

so you inserted the card into the camera and not the based correct and you enter 32GB SD Card formated as FAT32 and it just worked and records and saved video in the cam with no problem. please let me know if I understand you correctly

The SD in the WCO can only be used for time lapse, scheduled event recording and scheduled continuous recording which I don’t recommend because continuous will drain the battery in 8-10 hours… The SD in the base will have the event videos but that will not work with cam plus. Try this method. I have mine set for 10 days, no cooldown period and a max length for each event set at 2 min.


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We have the sd card in all cameras and the base, if the camera is stolen its in the cloud for 14 days only…after that it’s gone,and the recording depends on how you have it all set up, and for the base same info



I think our difference here is the outdoor camera is not intended to record continuously like the V2 cam did. The outdoor camera is battery-powered, and thus was never intended to stay awake and record 24 hours a day.


Well our wireless outdoor cameras will do continuously record,we have all set on no cool down and 1 minute…as long as the camera see movement it will record,and I just did a test and it did do over 1 minute

Continuous means it does not stop at all ,it keeps going without interruption , so if movement stops and the recording stops that is not continuous


It’s useless.

Mine does not show a button to play back recordings. Iphone or iPad no way to play back, so I guess my cam is not recording anything.

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There is no playback for the Battery Powered WCO. You have nothing on the events page?, does the camera work in live view?

I just did some experimenting with it. I didn’t have cam plus service, so it wasn’t showing anything in Events. I added Cam Plus, tried again. Had it looking out a window & even with sensitivity full up it won’t trigger. I suspect the window E Coating is blocking heat signature. I put it outside & now I’m getting short video notices in “Events”. What’s confusing is, the camera & base have card slots but they aren’t used/viewable in the mode I’m using it. When I added cam plus, the schedule menu disappeared. I bought the outdoor cam to monitor my rural mailbox, but the signal is too weak. I have to do move the base around & test.

That camera does not work through windows (Period) . I did have cam plus on my 4 WCO and it worked great, but my account got screwed up when I added my V3 so I just cancelled on the WCO. Maybe I will try to add it again someday if I get brave.

There was never a play back on that battery camera…if,when you get a recording it’s under the events

“pixel change” detection systems like in the v3 or v2 work through glass, but pir systems like I’m the wco do not at all.

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The v2,v3 do not use pir,only outdoor camera due to its on batteries

Hi I have had the same issue stated here. I’ve read all of the posts and some posts contradict each other.

The SD cards in my 4 cameras and the base station, as far as I can tell; the SD cards add no functionality to the camera.

At least one of my live out door cams are plugged in and charging all the time within 10’ of the base station. There is also no option in advanced setting for “local recording to Micro SD card.” as shown in the official Wyze video.
It appears to me the Wyze out door cam model WVOD1 is just an early rudimentary model; and it only does rudimentary video recording of brief clips. I guess we are meant to keep upgrading.

You’d think the limitations would all be explained with in the operating details of the comprehensive documentation and or manuals . Oh well.

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