Wyze Cam Outdoor - How to enable full motion capture to SD card in Base unit

My other Wyze (V1, V2, Pan) cams allow allow me to capture the full duration of a triggered event to the SD card. Not just the 12 second clip uploaded to the cloud. How do I enable this on the WCO so that it records to the base station. Thank you.

They have not included that ability with this product due to it being on a battery and doing so would deplete battery life quickly. There are a few threads around of people requesting this be made available. There is also Cam Plus that will record the full event but it would be in the cloud.

I am aware this thread does not address the ‘Record Events’ specifically but does address the options being removed that were in the V2

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Thank you for the reply Jason. I am not sure the battery explanation holds water. If they can have it stored to the cloud with Cam PLUS, it is STILL using the resources from the camera (and as a consequence, the battery, as it is passed through the base unit to the cloud). Where the base unit is AC powered, it should be pretty easy to redirect the feed to the SD card in the base unit without using camera battery resources.

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Yep it’s total nonsense. It’s my camera, I’ll decide how I want to preserve the battery.

It smells of nothing other than wanting you to buy Cam plus. Grrrrrrrr!!!

Sort it out Wyze.