Wyzecam outdoor...what’s the point?

I just bought the Wyze cam outdoor. I’m so confused by the two spots for a micro SD. Do I put one in the camera, the base or both??

Also, what is the point of the camera if it’s not continuously recording?? I don’t get it. The whole point of continuously recording is to be able to look back at footage if there is activity. Someone explain this to me.

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Continuous recording is not normally available on battery operated cameras. It would tend to drain the battery much to quickly.



You’ll need a uSD card in the WOC for time lapse.
In the Base unit it serves as a backup for the events sent to the cloud.
Continuous recording or streaming will exuast the battery in a few hours.
I see @rbruceporter has the links already Thanks!

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It depends on your needs and use. I have SD cards in both.

The base backs up all my triggered event recordings so they last longer than 14 days (which is the limit for the cloud storage), and makes sure I can view what happened if someone tries to steal the camera (then I have a personally saved physical copy).

I have an SD card in the WCO itself because I like to use it for more than just motion events. I do timelapse recording with it, scheduled recordings that are much longer than 12 seconds, I take it hiking and other places with me in travel mode and use it to record the trip (both scheduled recording and time-lapse simultaneously), and all sorts of things.

You don’t even need an SD card in either of them if you just want to rely on the 14 days of cloud storage.

WCO is awesome in that the event cooldown period can be reduced down to 1 minute. I have one pointing right at my back door and it tells me everytime someone comes in or out our backdoor, and sends me a great thumbnail and 12 second recording. Works perfectly there. I also don’t have any lights or wires that get to the right spot, so rather than do some funky installation to wire a camera there, I just use a WCO and it is perfect there.

I’ve also used the WCO for temporary convenience to watch a certain location temporarily, or timelapse something while I do a temporary job around the house (I recently recorded timelapses for me digging huge holes and installing new windows in our basement with new windowsills, etc so we can legally say we have 2 more bedrooms than it previously appraised for…it’s cool watching the timelapse of the total change from how it used to be, to having huge holes, installing the new windows, adding the sills, and filling the dirt back in…I love it…didn’t need to keep the WCO after the project was done though.).

It is super convenient in many scenarios. Sometimes if when we are having our daughter babysit, we’ll move a WCO into a place where we don’t normally need or use Cameras, but with the WCO we can check in live on that spot anytime while we’re away. There are tons of great uses.

In the end, if you want a permanent 24/7 recording option or something that records for long periods of time (though you can do this on the WCO with CamPlus), then this is probably not the product you are looking for. That doesn’t make it worthless, it just means you are trying to use it for something other than what it was designed for and you should get a V3 or something else instead. It’s really that simple…WCO was designed for specific things. It’s still a great camera for those who use it for the needs it was designed to fit.


Hi @carverofchoice, I have an SD card in the WOC and the base. So far the camera has 10.71 GB recorded but it is not backup to the base. I do not have cloud storage, just the SD cards. “Back up to Base Station” is on and has been activated from the beginning, but for some reason the video has not transferred. Does the card have to be full in order for it to transfer? Please advise how to set up for backup. Thank you.

I’ll do what I can to help.
Your settings sound fine.

What size cards are you using? I initially had problems when I tried using a 128GB card. I had trouble recording sometimes, I lost videos, it would go in and out of being able to recognize the card…there were things I could do to make it work better and more often still, but eventually I just switched down to 32GB cards everything works fine on mine.

Also, did you take the card out of the base station and insert it into a computer to view the stored videos, or are you saying you are trying to view them through the app from the base station itself?

If you click on the base station then settings (the gear icon), then MicroSD Card Storage, what do you see there? Can you send me a screenshot or at least describe it?

Also, will you make sure your firmware is up to date?

Let me know some of the above here and I’ll add some ideas of what you can try (based on what I did to get things to work well when I had some similar problems initially).

Hey thanks! Both have 32GB cards. The only card recording video is the one in the camera. It is mounted high up and not easily accessible, which is why I want video to transfer video to the base. To answer your question, no I did not insert the card in the computer from the base because there is nothing on the card.

In clicking on the base station — then settings ---- MicroSD Card Storage, it shows the format option (this was done already) and the card shows 0.02GB usage (formatting I presume).

The camera settings -----Advance Settings ----MicroSD Card Storage shows 10.71GB usage. Underneath is the “Base Station MicroSD Card” information again showing 0.02GB usage.

I thought about starting over, but again I am unable to take the camera down, and hesitant to delete the base device. Any additional ideas would be welcomed.

Hmm, you did well. After your response, I don’t think any of my tricks apply to your situation. You’ve done everything right. Next step I’d take:

Click on the base Station, click settings, Click Wyze Support, Submit a Log and file a ticket, then probably call support over the phone in a couple of business days.

Wyze support has always been AWESOME, seriously. They will make you go through some standard troubleshooting, even if you’ve already done it, I don’t think you’ll need to reach your WCO, just your base, so it should be fine. If they can’t figure it out, they’ll likely send you a free replacement (they have for me before). Depends on how that goes.

By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support

You could try reverting the firmware, test it, then maybe upgrade it back again and see if that fixes it. Someone else said that fixed a problem they had once. If you need instructions to try that, let me know.

Thank you for your help. The firmware was updated a couple days ago, so I know that cannot be the issue. I thought about calling Wyze, but thought I would ask the Wyze Community instead. Appreciate the number, I will give them a call. Thanks again!

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have you resolved this issue? if so, how? :superhero:

Same issue here. Curious if you were able to resolve. Thanks!