Base Station Backup, do you need sd card in the Outdoor cam too?

I received the outdoor cam + base station kit. I understand that the cloud backup is working. But I seem to be having some difficulty getting the base station to backup the videos.

I put a compatible microSD card into the base station, but I don’t see the storage filling up. Do I need to put a microSD into the outdoor camera in order for the videos to send to the base station’s card?

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Hi @mobiles08t, welcome to the Wyze community! I read that you put the microSD card in the base station so the cam can copy the footage to it, and you put the microSD card in the cam if you want to do time-lapse, or things of that nature.

About the base station backing up the video with a microSD card, I am not sure why that is happening, my only explanation is that the microSD card is not compatible with the camera, and in that case, It would be a good idea to get a microSD from Wyze. I will leave a link to the microSD card and some information on them below. I am sure there are a lot of people on this forum who know a lot more about microSD cards than me so I would stick around to hear what other people have to say. Anyway, I hope you figure everything out!

Make sure its turned on (camera settings under event recording)

Does this feature work? I have done the back up to base station but I do not see any recordings

I have the same issues. The outdoor CAM will not backup to the base station. I’ve tried 2 SD Cards purchased from Wyze. Formatted multiple times and it still won’t work. Is there a fix?

I’ve found it does back up the videos to the Base Station SDCard, but you can’t view them in the app. I had to put the SDCard into the computer to extract or view the videos.


Interesting. When I look at the storage I just see 0.2MB consumed despite having the video on for months. Do you have an SD card on the camera as well?

I do not. Do I need one in the camera too?

Dennis A. Barry

I don’t think so. Thanks for letting me know

Did we ever determine if the “expected behavior” for Outdoor Cams, in regard to the SD card in the Base Station, was ONLY to ever have whatever videos it does have stored on it, accessible ONLY via manually ejecting that SD card and viewing from a computer/other device that can read the SD card?

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