Wyze Cam Outdoors don't recognize microSD 32gb chip in base station

My Wyze Outdoors don’t recognize the microSD (32gb) chip in the base station. I’ve tried everything-- formatted the chip at least 3 times, looked at other threads and followed their advice, made sure all the firmware is up to date, etc. and it just doesn’t seem to work. The Base Station shows that there is a microSD chip inside it, but none of the cameras pick it up when I try to back up videos to the Base Station.

Any advice, am I just doing something wrong early? I really dk what’s going on here.


You have backup to the base turned off, turn it on and see what it does. :upside_down_face:
Did you put the card in with the contacts up.

If your useing cam + it will never store recording on the base

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I’m having this same issue. Could you help me understand why if I’m using cam plus it won’t also back up to the base station?

That’s correct it will not do the record to base/hub all I know is what I have read

I have the same issue…. I inserted, formatted SD card into base, base recognizes card… back up to base station is greyed out, so it cannot be turned on. It notes No SD card detected….

Do I have to have a card in the camera AND base station?

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The card in the cam will do you no good unless you do scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam and or Time Lapse recording.

Having same problem. Addressed all the suggestions here, but app still indicates that cameras do not recognize the SD card in the base station, even though the base station recognizes it. Anyone find a resolution to this issue?

I see the same issue. When I select ‘back up to base station’ I get the message “No microSD card detected in Base Station”. When I swap the microSD cards in the base station and the outdoor came, the outdoor cam can detect both cards, the base station cannot see either.

Im having the same issue. It will recognize the card for a little while Then once I open the Base Station is says no SD Card detected.

Sorry to hear that. This post goes back 4mo without a fix. Not sure how else to troubleshoot it.

I have the same issue here. This became an issue about 1 week ago, before everything was working. Did you get it fixed?

I have the same issue now also. I added Cam Plus Lite all 4 of my WCO weeks ago and it will now not even let you turn on backup to base. I never used it much anyway but it used to work. Maybe I’ll remove one cam from CP lite and see if that changes anything. Can’t remove the cam from CP lite from the app, need to log into account on the web, what a PITA. :anguished:

*** That was a waste of time, could not find a way to remove CP Lite from one cam temporarily on the web account services area. I think it may require me to delete a subscription which I will not do for a test.

Why is this: Can Not manage any single cam on the app or the Web/account/Services. IS deletion of the entire CP Lite subscription required?? :thinking:

I don’t work for Wyze so I can only guess that if you remove CPL from a cam, it’s no different than a CPL cam with person detection turned off and set to record Image only.

Do you have a cam with Cam Plus (not Lite) assigned?

I have a V3 with the full version of Cam Plus. My Account/Service shows both CP and CP Lite. Prior to the iOS app update I could assign CP lite to one of my 4 WCO or all 4 and I could change that as desired from the account on the app. Now there is no way to manage individual cams in CP lite, but it is still possible in Cam Plus.

Go into Home > Account > Services > Cam Plus. Change your v3 CP to Unassigned.

Apply the available CP license to your WCO.

Back out and back in, remove CP license from WCO (make license unassigned).

Reassign license to your v3. Your CP settings for that cam will not have changed.

Your WCO is now license free, i.e., Basic Plan.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: What a mess. I don’t want to turn of CP Lite permanently, I just wanted to remove it from one cam temporarily to do a test to see if back up t base would work. If I go to my web account and click on edit CP lite the Choice is either sign up or Cancel. If I removed the CP Lite with the method above I would have to sign up for CP lite again I think and add all 4 cams back. Can’t miss my friends …

That is exactly what my instructions do… temporarily remove CPL from your WCO. It does not remove your CPL subscription from your account… only the license from your WCO cam. You can re-add the CPL license to your WCO when you’re done testing by going into Home > Account > Services > CPL > Add Cameras > select your WCO

I’ll give it a try after a few beers. :upside_down_face:

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It takes about 30 seconds, less time than grabbing a beer. beer3