Got the outdoor cam and Base how to get base to write to its sd card

How does it recognize to use the base micro sd card(32gb), showed card in software at first that card was present in slot but couldn’t format it, greyed out .
I formatted it Fat32 now shows no card present when when re inserted

Did you install the card with the pins up as shown here? Maybe it isn’t fully seated? If you are using cam plus no event videos or thumbnail photos will be save to the SD in the base, it does work with cam plus lite.

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yeah done all that , but had cancelled my cam plus subscription for it however the way it works here the subscription will be active till next year at this time well yesterday. So stuck i guess till then but strange a no show on card in slot or ability to format. the card is in the outside camera so it will work but no backup I guess on the base inside

The card in the camera will not record anything unless you set it up for scheduled recording. Set it for motion only, no cooldown, set it for 30 days and the duration of each video event up to 5 Min per event video. Read the info here.