MicroSD Card Not Available (outdoor camera)

Hi -
I put my MicroSD card in when I first tested the camera and it was fine. That lasted for few minutes. Now every time I get a MicroSD Car Not Available on both of my outdoor cameras.

I would appreciate help fixing this. Thank you

What kind and size SD cards did you use? I have Samsung 32GB cards in my 4 WYZE Outdoor battery powered cameras and a 64GB card in my V3. Occasionally one of the WCO will say card not detected so I will force close the app open it again and the card will be shown and it works. I am doing scheduled event recording to the SD so the cards get a lot of use. Did you put the card in correctly" This is for a WCO. You don’t need a card in the WCO unless you are going to do Scheduled event recording or time lapse. Just put a card in the base. If you have cam plus the events will not get recorded to the base either. So what are you using your cards for?

I’m having the same trouble. I used a known good 64GB SD card (shows up fine on my PC and I formatted it) and tried it in both the camera and the base station. Force-closed and restarted the app on my phone. Still shows as unavailable.

Is the card formatted to FAT 32? You can’t do that with a windows computer. I used this to format a 64GB to from exFAT to FAT32. Just click the picture and download the program.

It was formatted to exFAT. I used that program you suggested to get FAT32, put it in the base station and it shows up now! Thanks very much!

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Life has been busy, sorry for the late reply.

I switched from a 64GB to a 32GB card and the cameras can now recognize the cards. Now I need to know what setting to make it record based on motion.

I thought I set it the same as my indoor cameras but the outdoor ones are not recording.

Thanks -

Direction for scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera is here.

From my cam:

i have the same problem when the cam is outside the sd is not available , but i dont understand why if i put the cam indoor, the sd card is avalaible.

please help

Sounds like it’s time to use a pencil eraser and clean pins on the sd card

What kind and Size of SD does your cam have. I have never seen that issue of working inside and not seeing the card when it is outdoors. Is the Wi-Fi signal good to the cam? All 4 of my cams have 32GB cards and all work.

32gb class 10

i dont undestand.

the cam works the live stream outdoor but de sd card no work

I will try

No playback

To get the playback k to work you must have it set to continuously recording

That is not an outdoor cam firmware, it is for a Cam Pan version 1 and besides it is out of date. New version shown on the release notes is issued 20 December 2021, update the firmware.

It is

You can download and add the new version manually. New version:

Direction are on this page: last paragraph

thank u i will do it, hope this fix the problem

Is that the correct camera?? Cam Pan version 1 is what you are working with???