Cam Event Recording -> Backup to Base Station shows "No microSD card detected in the paired Base Station ..." though I do have a SD card inserted

Just new to WYZE Cam Outdoor. My Cam Backup to Base Station keeps showing “No microSD card detected in the paired Base Station…”, but I do have newly SDCard inserted into the Base Station which shows the card is there (see captured photos below). I tried a number of times by turning the Cam Off and On to make it work shortly, but about a min, it turned to fail again. Does anyone know what the issue is and how to fix it?


Do you have a cam plus license on the camera?
Edit, additionally technically only cards up to 32 gig are supported, although folks have had success with cards over 32. Have you tried a 32 gig card in the base?

Since you have cam + the sd card in the hub/base will not work due to cam + does not support it,the cameras will never back up to the sd card

I do not have Cam Plus. Do you mean I need to buy Cam Plus to enable this feature?

Opposite, if you have camplus on this camera it disables the backup to base feature.

Got it! For some reason, My Cam Backup to Base Station is working and stable for around 4 hour today. Will keep monitoring it.

Nope just insert the sd card and your good to go