Outdoor and base show the SD card but event recording is disabled

Outdoor and base show the SD card but “event recording > back up to base station” is disabled. I’ve tried to format the 32gb with FAT32 but it is the same and the option key is grayed out.
base is showing the SD card so the Outdoor cam showing the base and it’s own SD card but the event recording still disabled.
Anybody has the same issue? i’ve contacted the support team but they don’t know the solution.

There is a bug they’re working on fixing with the sd card on the wireless outdoor cameras from what I understand.

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i know your are an employee and paid to cool down the conversation here.
i don’t believe. Making it not working is more difficult than just leave it work like other cameras andsave in SD card since it already making the 12s event videos and send to the cloud. save it to the SD card is easier from technical point of view. it is only to force people to buy the CAM+.

I’m not an employee. I’m not paid for anything. This is a user to user forum. 99% of the people here are just users. The only wyze employees have Wyze in their user names. Even the forum moderators are users, and volunteer to moderate.

The last update broke something in the way the outdoor wireless camera saved to SD.

There was no change in how the v3 wired outdoor cam saved to the sd.

The events tab in the app has always only shown the cloud recordings. That page never displayed the sd recordings.

Also, cam plus lite has a free option, under custom amount. You don’t need to pay for the cloud recording.


@towelkingdom is just a user like you. All paid Wyze employees should have the tag Wyze Team by their name where you see Forum Moderator next to mine. They are trying to help you to the best of their ability and the information they are giving you is correct.


From the Cam Plus Lite FAQ:

Purchasing Cam Plus will not allow you to store 12-sec events to your base station SD card either.

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Ok, good info. I was right. It couldn’t get worse than this. This is the perfect recipe for a loser company. Soon they will lose US market because of that fishy business model. Why would anybody pay for CAM+ or lite while the company is going out of market soon and you have all the data in hands of a Chinese company. Now we see rise of many other brands with better quality and more honest business model.

So, if someone decides not to subscribe to cam plus lite, they retain the ability to backup to the base station?

I get that you’re upset, but you really need to chill. Your rude responses are tiresome.

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I don’t know. I plan on testing all options today and tomorrow. The problem is that I am running the latest production base station firmware ( and my results may differ from those running earlier versions. WCO Base Station firmware version was halted shortly after announcement and is unavailable for download.

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The support notes concerning this issue have been updated to reflect the cause as a bug, not a change in service/operation:

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