Cameras constantly offline

I have 3 wyze cam pans…for the first 6 months they worked great and then suddenly they started to go offline…to the extent that im about to just throw them away…they never work anymore. Software is up to date. Internet signal is always strong. Feeling very frustrated. Tred to troubleshoot. Nothing works. No logs to submit. Theres nothing there.

Any tips would be appreciated before i just cut my losses and try a different product.

Same issue, makes seeing the bill on my credit card each month that much more frustrating. One camera is just feet from our router and is constantly unable to connect.
PLUS neither camera nor base station will record to SD Card.
And good luck contacting the company. Over 90 minutes on hold while also waiting to chat.

I hear you. I have 12 cams. Somedays they work, most days they don’t. I think it’s called an “update”. Sometimes it’s called, “It’s your WIFI”, or, “It’s your network”. Many times I’m instructed to “restart the device”. Well, it was just on! What happened? I purchased Wyze plugs so I could restart the cameras from the app… LOL… well, the plugs go off-line, too.

Example: I hear movement on my porch. 30-45 seconds later, I get an alert. I go to the “Events” tab on the app. I click on it. I wait for a minute or so for the events to load. I click on the latest event. It says that the clip has not loaded yet, so I can’t view it. I look out the window and see a package the mailman left a short while ago. My advice, just look out the window or buy a real security camera.

At this point. these things are similar to toys.

@shannonm & @MyCameraSucks, welcome to the user forum!

@shannonm: I have a PanCam V1 that I have been using for over a year now. The FW is up to date and I have not experienced any offline issues. There are many factors that can and do affect the cam connection thru the network. In order to see the cam on the home screen and in the live view, the cam has to authenticate and navigate your WiFi & gateway\modem, then travel thru cloud to Wyze and authenticate in your account, then return trip to your device where it all has to do the same to connect. There is actually a lot of things that can cause problems. I have found that too many items on my old router caused dropouts. I upgraded to a strong mesh router with an extender and have much fewer drops.


It sounds like you have the Cam Outdoor. I do not have one of these and can’t really provide much help. I do see a lot of chatter though about the changes to the subscription plans \ FW updates causing your issue. See this:

You can also search the forums or reach out to @towelkingdom, @Antonius, or @Seapup who all have extensive experience w\ the WCO.

@michaelz, like you, I also installed smart plugs on all my cams. However, the Wall Wart Wyze sells just wasn’t attractive to me. I am glad I didn’t now that I see the FW fiasco they have created. I chose a different brand that didn’t block out any other outlets. As for the notifications… Yes. Notification latency is a real issue that is not being addressed.

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I had offline issue before.
After 4 days of reflashing different firmware, resetting (not reboot) router .
Power cycle camera, router just wonzt cut it. I think those suggestion to power cycle are killing mt router, csmera.

I managed to revive by readfing my V2. Then it started no events in 16 hrs. again

Yes, I submitted Lots of (LogS) Again to have Wyze to look into it.
Without touching tge V2, it came back alive. There might be corruption in their server on user accounts ot camera registration.

Anyway, my suggest ion to you guys is to submit a lots LogS to Wyze.