Wyze outdoor and base

can someone please break down to me why i havent wasted money on the 2 outdoor cameras and base i bought. I want to be able to go back and look at recordings. i understand you cant do that in the app which is no big deal but why does the base and the cams have an sd card slot. which one really needs an sd card for me to be able to pop out and watch on my computer if the need be? otherwise i dont understand why you would have an outdoor. they are backups now, ive replaced with hardwired that i can watch in app review of what has been recorded. but still wanna be able to use these. i get that if you have set to record it will lessen battery life which is no big deal to me. i just wanna understand does the base record everything on an sd card for all cameras connected. do you have to have one in each camera. or in each camera and the base.

You should have cloud recording available on the app to view under the events tab for all your cameras. If you put a 32 GB SD card in the base the events will be recorded there from All your battery powered cams if you have back up to base turned on in the app for ALL cams. I have SD cards in all 4 of my cameras and do scheduled event recording to those cards plus I get a 12 sec. cloud video. I can view the events on the SD card also from the app. Maybe you should read some of this information here:
***** Note if you have cam plus on the battery powered cameras the recordings are not backed up to the base.**