Cam Outdoor, no way to save 12-second events?

It looks like there is no way to save a local recording of an event. I had assumed it would be saved to the micro SD card but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Not being able to keep a record of an event seems to be a significant drawback. I understand why there’s no continuous recording but if I had known I wouldn’t have a record of 12-second events I never would have purchased the camera.

You can back - up events to the base station SD card to save locally and longer.

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Solved well enough for my purposes but it has nothing to do with the base station or the camera:

If found I can save events to my phone or via email by clicking the icons that appear briefly when the event is being played in portrait mode (they don’t show up in landscape.)

I still cannot find any way to backup to the base station, unless it’s being done automatically and I have to retrieve the sd card to view them. Am I missing something obvious?

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Events will automatically back up to the base station if you set it up. To view the files on the base station SD, it must be taken out of the base and viewed on a computer.

I see no option in any settings to enable this backup to SD card. Is it because I have cam plus?

Backup to the SD will not work with cam plus:

My question was how to activate backup to the base station?

On the app. open each camera to live view>tap the gear icon top right of app. Tap event recording and on the bottom it will show back up to Base Station. Turn it on, toggle to the right so it is green. If you are using Cam Plus it will not back up to the base.

Ah! That explains it, I used to see that option but then bought cam plus last month. That’s a bummer that it won’t back up if I have the cam plus, thank you for your help.

I seem to be having this issue a well. All my v2 camera were working fine from the cloud storage and SD card playback. But when I added a new camera that came with a cam plus subscription. It made all my other camera that wasnt on a subscription cam plus unplayable from the cloud storage. I get this half circle spinning more that 3 mins and not even load up for 12 sec video clip. I can view playback from the camera that had the ad card in them just that the cloud storage won’t play on me. I think there might be a coding issues where the subscription cam plus is applying at all cameras instead of the ones you ticked off to have the subscription and the ones that don’t have the subscription is think they do and have issues with the cloud. Any fix aside from waiting for the subscription to expire?

If you have cam plus and you see a video event you want to save just play it to the end and download it to your device/phone or use share to email it to yourself

You issue sounds like this:

That’s true, but I don’t want to have to do that manually, I also don’t want to have to use my phone memory. Plus if the camera gets stolen then I don’t have a record of the last person. It’s actually quite disappointing and enough to make me cancel camplus on all my cameras. I feel like that’s a huge security flaw.

The video events are not stored on the cameras either just hundreds of thumbnail photos. You don’t have to use the memory on your phone, just email the event videos to yourself without saving the to you phone. Just use the share icon:

Ah, now I’m getting it! :blush: So the events all go to the cloud. I presume this means the camera always has to have internet connection.
I think a great feature would be the ability to record to the card in case of network dropout and upload to the cloud the moment it connects again. :wink:

Cam plus allows you to look at the videos stored on the cloud and download them to your computer for 14 days after they were uploaded. Then they are deleted.

I understand that, but I would much rather prefer it automatically backed up to the SD card without me having to do anything. It seems pointless to kill that feature at the plus level.

Can’t agree more. The feature is there to begin with, Why kill it because of an upgrade. I talked to someone in the company about it and got nowhere. They seem to feel that having the upgrade negates the need for it. I disagree … but …

It’s really backwards, enough to make me consider renewing my plan.

I totally agree too. Cam plus or no cam plus I think it’s ridiculous that the only way to record to sd card on the camera is to do a timed scheduled recording. They say they do this to protect the battery of the camera. But that completely contradicts how the feature works with the cam plus offer. It’s my camera, I should decide how much I want to preserve the battery!!!

Sounds like nothing more than an arm behind the back to make you buy cam plus……….or buy a different camera! :rage: