Wyze Cam Outdoor->Event Recording->Backup to Base Station - What does this do...exactly?

What I have done:

  1. Inserted a 64GB SDHC micro flash storage memory chip in my Wyze-Cam Outdoor base station.
  2. Turned on “Backup to base station” on Wyze Outdoor Camera.

There is no option to “View Playback” on the base station like there would be if I had inserted a micro SDHC card directly into the camera. So, I’m curious how this option works.

Does it backup all events recorded by the WCO directly to this base station storage chip or does it simply download the recorded events from “the cloud” (wherever that is) to the memory chip when explicitly requested from the Wyze Cam software “Events” selection?

I wish there were a way to see 1) how many videos were on the SDHC memory because I know something has been stored on it due to the used space. But it seems the only way to access them is using the “Events” selection in the Wyze app.

So, there is a high level of abstraction from my perspective about what’s actually being recorded. I would like to be educated on some of the details.

Thanks for reading!

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SD in the Base is backup of the cloud recorded videos. I don’t know if the Base can use a 64GB card formatted in ExFAT but it will work if formatted in FAT32. You can check and see if it doing backup .And just so you know if you take the SD out of the base and view it you will see in the folders that there are both .JPG (Thumbnail photos) and .mp4 files for each event. Backup up to the base does not work if you have Cam Plus but it will work with Cam Plus Lite.