Acces to SD Card From Apps

In reference to the Wyze Outdoor Camera. How can we access the documents on the SD Card from our phone ie: The Wyze App.


When viewing the Outdoor Cam’s live feed in portrait mode in the Wyze app, press the “More” icon, then “Album”. You can access any Photos, Videos, Time-lapses, or Scheduled Recordings from there.

Note: The cam-to-base transfer rate is not very high, so if you are trying to access anything very large, it may be faster to go out & get the card and view it on a computer.

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Thanks for your answer Newsbound.
On the list your are giving me " Photos, Videos, Time-lapses, or Scheduled Recordings" I do not see Videos that have been recorded by motion events.
The documentation says the camera records events as long as there is movements. I understand the only 12 seconds of it is sent to the Cloud, but there
should be all of the documents that have been captured by the camera on the SD Card.
So I went out got the SD Card Connected to my PC and to my surprise there is no Event Video in there.
No .mp4 or .mov no videos.
So the way I understand this NOW is that this camera only records 12 seconds in the cloud, (NOT in the camera)
So if you want more you need to pay more for annual terms etc.
First time I buy a camera that I have to pay more to use it!. :unamused:.

Am I missing something here ?.


A powered V2 or V3 cam will record continuously to the SD card if you like. Then a 12-second event clip can send you right to the corresponding time on the SD card, where you can see everything that happened before & after the event (if you are in continuous record mode).

An Outdoor Camera is battery-powered, and is powered down most of the time. You can fake the above by setting a scheduled recording to record 24 hours, but that will be a temporary selection, and the battery will die very quickly on the camera.

You can put the SD card in the base station, after which you can have all 12-second event clips that are sent to the cloud backed up on the base station. However, they are just backups, and you will only see the same thing you saw in the cloud recording.

If you have the ability to run power to that spot I would recommend a V3. It is a much more capable camera, mostly because it is designed to be running 24/7.

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The Cam is supposed to send the event videos to the base if you have it turned on to do so in the settings. Backup to the base never worked for me when the cams were on cam plus whether they were less than 12 sec or not. If you want videos on your Wyze Outdoor Camera save to an SD card put a good 32 GB card or a 64GB card formatted to FAT32 in the cam. Use scheduled recording, events, set for 1 hour to 30 days, length of each video your choice up to 5 Min per video as long as there is motion. Set cool down time to no cool down. I have mine set at 10 day/ 2 min max video each/ no cooldown. I took the card out of one cam yesterday and it had 1,798 files on it , videos and .jpeg photos. There were also another 368 photos in another file on the card. Scheduled event recording makes my battery go down about 50% after one month if the cam is busy. You have to take the card out to view it on a PC/ or card reader. If you want to view the SD from a cam get a V3 is my recommendation

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If the PIR sensor is something you absolutely need, stay with (and I’d recommend the wco for that detection system) the wco, but if there is any remote posibility to get power to the mount location, go with a v3 like described above a few times.

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Oops, yes. Outdoor Camera Base backup is NOT compatible with Cam Plus. Then you get the larger AI clips to the cloud, but not to the base’s SD card.

WHAT settings, where? I’ve looked at the Base settings (after installing SD card) AND the outdoor cams settings and can find no option anywhere about this backup. I have PLUS on them all so maybe that’s why it’s missing? This is the iOS app.

In Android it’s under the event recording settings of the WCO.

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iOS is the same, I am using an iPhone and iPad. The setting are on the cameras not the base


Not there at all on any of my outdoor cams with PLUS…

  1. Is anything then going to be backed up to the base- or am I just wasting an sd card?
  2. What is this ‘Cloud’? Is it only access via the More=>Album in the app, or is there an online access for all this (supposedly) saved stuff?
  3. With PLUS, is everything still erased on the 14th day?!

A lot of this makes no sense to me and trying to find answers in this convoluted forum is insane.
Thanks for any answers but it seems like it might be easier just to turn in a question directly to Wyze…

  1. You are wasting an SD card in the base if you have Cam Plus on all the Outdoor cameras connected to the base. You can move it to one of the Outdoor Cams to have a few options (but you may never use those options).
  2. The cloud is the “Events” tab on the app, where 12-second (or more) event clips are accessed. Those are store on Wyze servers (“the cloud”). The More > Album menu item is for files on the SD card.
  3. Yes, everything is still erased on the 14th day with Cam Plus.
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Open your app. on the bottom tap events, make sure you are on the correct date shown on top of app. If you want to save the videos from the cloud play until they end then use the share icon to email to yourself or the download icon to save to your iPhone photo video album. You need to give Wyze permission to access all photos.

  1. As stated several times by the folksmin here, and in the screen shot I posted, camplus is not compatible with the backup to base. I added a camplus license to my wco and the option disappeared. Remove camplus from the camera to see that option.

  1. As stated, you can view and access anything in the cloud via the event tab in the app.

  2. With all cloud stuff, it is retained for 14 days, and viewable in the event tab up until then.

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First, Thanks to all for the answers. I’m sorry to be so ignorant. Maybe there is a pinned FAQ somewhere specific to the Outdoor Cam? (I most evidently haven’t found it.)

  • When you are viewing an EVENT and click ‘download’ it replies “Saved To System Gallery”.
    **SO that saves to the iPhone (etc.) but there is NO SAVING to the SD card on the cam???
    Doesn’t that seem like a strange ‘feature’?

  • Also, to verify- ‘Scheduled Recordings’ or ‘Time Lapse’ videos ARE SAVED to the SD Card?
    When viewing the ‘Album’ option there are categories of 'Photos’, Videos, Time Lapse, Sched… etc. * So THESE all saved on the SD card?*
    I haven’t pulled a card to look as all cams are in use in security… will check at battery top up.

That’s the way all the camera models work. You are saving the event from the cloud to your local device. You can BACKUP Outdoor Camera cloud event clips to the BASE’s SD card.

Yes. Actions automatically performed by the camera, like Scheduled Recordings and Time Lapses are saved to the SD card. This works the same on all camera models.

Outdoor Camera Instructional Material, including FAQ:

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Not trying to be dense, but HOW/Where is this ‘BACKUP’ function? (I’ve looked all over the app and don’t find anything.)
Or are you describing a process of removing the SD card from the BASE and then manually transferring videos from the iPhone?
Does ‘CAM PLUS’ remove the option to BACKUP to BASE completely?
(Since all of my cams are PLUS, maybe that is why I can’t find it?)

Yes, 3 replies back @Omgitstony explained it appears only if Cam Plus is removed from the camera. About 5 replies before that he showed you what you would see.

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