How do I view videos saved to SD Card on Wyze cam outdoor?


I installed a Wyze SD card in my Wyze cam outdoor.

How do I actually view the videos saved to my SD card?

Thank you

Are you talking about the battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoor or the V3. For the WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor you won’t have any videos just a bunch of thumbnail photos. The videos are saved to the SD card in the base if you put one in there and you have set it “backup to base” in the settings. The SD in the cam can be used for Scheduled Event recording, Scheduled Continuous record or time lapse recording. Which ever mode you have to take the card out of the cam and view it in a PC or other device with a card reader. You can view the “Cloud Event videos” from the WCO using the events icon on the bottom of the app home page. If you are using a powered (Plugged in) V3 you can view cloud videos or use playback to view the videos on the SD card.


Yeah, the sdcard can support some time lapse, and scheduled recordings. and i think you can view the card when connected in travel mode. (i frankly have never tried travel mode. but next time i charge one i will grab it and try it out and see. )