Wyze Outdoor Cam's SD Card only has thumbnails of events but not videos?

I have an extensive log of thumbnails for events on the SD card for the Wyze Outdoor Cam but it doesn’t have any videos recorded there. I’m using a Mac to read the SD Card. Am I missing a setting or do I need to format the card? There was an event that I wanted to find, while it wasn’t connected to the base station. I thought maybe it would sync the video once it reconnected to the base station. I do have a thumbnail from the event, but no video on the camera. I was expecting there to be a copy of the videos recorded on the Camera SD card, is that not how this camera works?

The event videos go to SD card in the base if you have one in there and you have backup to base turned on. The card in the WCO will just have thumbnail photos of events. Backup to the base also doesn’t work with cam plus. I have 32 GB cards in all 4 of my WCO and they are using scheduled event recording. I get the full videos for the time limit I set at 2 min per video no cooldown period, I also get thumbnail photos for each event and a 12 second cloud clip for each event.