Event Recording Wyze Outdoor

I have read through some of the treads, and some people are saying the SD card on the outdoor base “IS” for event recording and some say it is for time lapse and scheduled recording only.

I have two bases, each with SD cards. None of my WCO have SD cards (5 of them).
Other than events which I can view from the cloud, am I able to save “Motion Detection Events” (I am only interested in security features please don’t tell me about time lapse …) to the SD card?
I ejected the card and placed on my pc, I can see folder structures but they are in some unknown text or language, as if they are encrypted, and trying to open folders says I dont have permission.

What am i doing wrong?

We have an out door cam starter kit and 3 additional cameras. One of the cameras is at the edge of WiFi range. It doesn’t send alerts if it can’t connect, but sends them great when it does. This makes perfect sense. My question is this: if we put an sd card in the camera will it store an event and camplus video until it can connect and then send? We have a home that is vacant we are watching that has had 4 break ins in the last two nights. 2 arrests thankfully, but two got away due to this camera not connecting in that small window. I’d say it can connect about 75% of the time. Any ideas would be appreciated.

The SD card in the WCO base station is only for backing up 12 second event video. The videos can be viewed by removing the SD card and playing back on a computer.
More information here: What is a microSD card in the Base Station used for?

If the WCOs are on the latest firmware, they can use scheduled recordings to record motion activated or continuous video. Each camera will need a micro SD card. More information here: Scheduled Recording on Wyze Cam Outdoor.
In addition to scheduled recordings, the WCOs can also record time-lapses with a micro SD card(in the camera). More information here:Time Lapse with WCOs

You can also use Cam Plus to record full-length motion events without a cool-off (gap between clips) to the cloud.


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Unfortunately, No.

The camera uses a PIR sensor that doesn’t detect through glass, the WCO won’t work in a window.

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@Brlepage so just to clarify, if I put an SD card in the WCO it will do continuous recording?

It will do scheduled continuous recording as in you have to set up the time you want it to start and stop continuous recording.Look at the setting and make your choice.