Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Motion Recordings MIA

I recently purchased this V2 after my V1 finally died (it was problematic from the start). I have it setup for event recording but never see any indicator of a recording that I can watch. I have 32GB SDCard (ridiculous that 32GB is the limit while I have 128GB cards in every other Wyze camera) in both the camera and the base station.

Under “MicroSD Card Storage” it shows .22GB used in the camera and 5GB used in the Base Station (it should be more since I attached it to my mailbox and should record every car driving by) but there isn’t a button to review the recordings like with every other camera I have.

So what am I missing?

Events are in the cloud, but the events tab at the bottom of the page should show them

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But no motion like every other camera I have that has an SD card!

Sorry, what issue are you having? What do you want to accomplish.

Do you want to view recorded motion events in the app, or do you want to get notifications, or do you want continuous recording?

Just want to see the motion videos recorded to the SD card as I can with every other Wyze camera I own that has an SD card in it. I don’t understand why the “outdoor cam” has to be so weird in it’s hardware specs/capabilities/functions vs the rest of the cameras Wyze sells. I just wanted the ability to locate a camera to a place not reachable by electrical power.

The WCO camera is not like your other cameras, it does not record to the SD card in the camera unless you set it for time lapse, scheduled event recording or travel mode. The event videos are backed up on the base SD card unless you are using cam plus. There is no playback on the WCO unless you download the videos from the camera album that were saved there using Scheduled Event Recording.

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That makes it useless for my desired purpose and no, I won’t buy-in to Cam Plus. I don’t have a need for any of the features of Cam Plus except for this one instance. I just want to be able to say “hey - what was that noise/going on our street in front of the house that we can’t see from any other camera due to foliage blocking the view” which is why I put the WCO on our mailbox/pointed down the street. Even bought the solar panel for it. Scheduled won’t work unless I tell it to record all-the-time and a limit of 32GB SD card kills that option. Still don’t understand the reason for these restrictions. If I choose an option that uses lots of battery, that is my choice. Also, if everything the WCO records is copied to the base, why can’t I view it on the base?

You can remove the SD from the base and view from a PC or device with a card reader. You can use scheduled event recording, set it for 30 days, motion events only, no cooldown period, maximum duration of each video event up to 5 minutes each, the cam records until motion stops up to the time you set. Events will look like this in the camera album. Most event videos are of short duration, a 32GB card will work just fine. I’ve been doing it for more than 1.5 years. Or you can just get cam plus lite and choose the custom price of $0.00 (FREE) for 12 second cloud video events.


Is there a reason you need to use the sd card at all? Just use cloud events, that’s what their for.

Being able to go back many days worth of recordings without having to pay a service? My neighbor came to me asking if my camera happened to capture something that occurred 4-days ago - yep, my 128GB SD card had recordings from a week+ ago and it cost me nothing more than the one-time cost of the SD card.

Cloud recording saves 12 days (I think that’s the number) of event recordings if you have cam plus lite. It also includes person detection for notifications or events.

Cam plus lite is a pay what you want, even $0. If you pay for cam plus, you get longer recordings

Sounds like you want the event recordings to be longer than 12 seconds, which it sounds like @Antonius solution will do, so you may want to go that route