Outdoor Cam - Continuous Motion Capture

using the onboard SD card, will this camera capture and save the entire event and not be limited to 12 secs ?

As far as I can tell yes…

Im trying to figure out how I can just arm the thing to record events after 9pm til 6am.

No, pretty sure I read that the Outdoor Cam does NOT ever record events to SD card, at all. Not 1 minute. Not 12 seconds. Zero.

Also there is no CMC or CamPlus for it.

This may change.

The Outdoor Cam and it’s base station both have microSD slots. They can definitely record. It’s correct that there is no CMC (very disappointing).

Not sure…

Or just record it to the base station Sd right?

Not sure, @WyzeLi didn’t say! I hope so!

well, i can record to basestation SD cast and it works fine. just not sure of the battery drain. ill be testing tonight.

Is motion recordings? I want to do that!

yeah, motion recordings record to base station SD card… so far so good on that front. Ive got 2 deployed.
This one will def get some motion when it arms later (930pm)

This one may not. but i want to test its Infrared, which appears to be fantastic.

Does it go longer then 12 seconds? I want to set them to record al motion!

No, they could not record motion events at all according to WyzeLi. Maybe that has very recently changed? Like in the past 24 hours?

The SD card in the base station only “backs up” recorded cloud events.

The SD card in the cam can continuously record based on a scheduled you set up. They are currently working on a option to record events as long as motion is happening. We had the feature during beta testing but they removed it temporarily due to bugs.



Okay then I give up. I could have sworn WyzeLi and others said the motion events did not go to SD card on either unit.

(Throwing up hands emoji I am too lazy to find)

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Cloud events are backed up to base station SD.

Camera SD stores timelapse, scheduled recordings, Manual pictures and manual recordings :upside_down_face:

Motion only events will probably be a future feature of scheduled recordings.

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Ok, I really hope they add that feature back in. The WCO is kind of pointless for me otherwise.


I have no doubts that they will…having the beta app is the fastest way to get any new features