How to get recording beyond the 12 seconds? I have been a customer for a while now

Greetings Wyze people!
I have two wyze cameras, a pancam and an outdoor wireless cam. Both have a microSD card in them but the outside camera microSD card is in the base and only records for 12 seconds. If it detects motion, I would want it to record as long as there is motion. I think I’ve seen emails about the cloud but I never looked into this and could use your help and ideas? Also if I try to record or do a timelapse, it tells me to insert a microSD card. (I have one in the base station)
Thank you!

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The SD card in the base will only record the 12-second motion events as a backup. It won’t do anything else.

To record time-lapse or scheduled recordings, you need to put an SD card in the Camera itself, then they will work. I recommend a 32GB card (or smaller). I had some problems trying to use 128GB cards…it worked on and off, and was a real pain, but the 32GB cards worked great all the time in the WCO. I use timelapse and other things on it all the time.

For clarification, the 12 second videos you are watching on the app for the outdoor cam, ARE the cloud videos (they’re actually stored on Wyze’s servers). The base is just backing up the same videos, but to view them from the card in the base, you take it out and stick it in a computer.


Consider replacing the outdoor cam with a wired V3. It will make this a lot easier. Just a suggestion.


Wow I never knew this, what’s the point of putting a card into the base then anyway if it only records 12 seconds? What about with cam plus? How long do wyze outdoor cams record with the cam plus? Both on the cloud and card?
And is there still a cool down with cam plus? Thanks all good to know.

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The WCO with camplus has settings to adjust the maximum clip length and the cooldown. The cooldown can be set as low as “no cooldown” and the maximum clip length can be as long as 5 min.

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Recording to the base station is helpful if the camera gets stolen, you still have the footage.

CamPlus allows the recording length shown in the screenshot below. Up to 5 minutes.

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Wait a minute, if the cam gets stolen? Dont you still have the cloud 12 second recordings? even if the cam gets stolen? Are you saying you loose cloud footage if someone steals the wyze outdoor cam?? If so this I had no idea of either. That would make the cams totally useless in my opinion.
My lord I sure hope this is not the case. I’ve always thought if my v2 ,pan, or wyze outdoor was stolen id still have the 12 second clips.


Thank you! I will see about putting the card in the actual Cam instead of or in addition to the base.

Hmmm, Its on the front door. For a wired cam I would have to drill through my wall right? And have a wire running down my wall to an outlet?

Yes you still have cloud recording. If you just had the card in the camera and not the base for SD recording, and the camera was stolen, you would lose the footage hence the SD card would be in the stolen camera.

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I’m sorry reading back through this I totally jacked your thread. Sorry about that.

Yes, you need to get it power, although not necessarily by drilling. You can route from existing holes, run along siding or ducts, and/or simply run power from existing outdoor outlets or light fixture boxes.