Clarification of Camera Capabilities

I have 5 Wyze cameras, 4 of which are set up. I purchased the first 3 about a year ago, and then purchased 2 of the out door versions. I purchased them because of the easy of use and most importantly, there was no darned monthly subscription. I purchased 32 gb storage cards for each. For the last month or so, they have all been acting a bit funky - very unreliable with regard to recording events, and even staying “awake.” Today, since all but one were not functioning properly, I decided I needed to delete them and re-add them to my account. Which I did. But, then I received the promotional info regarding CAM Plus. In that information is the following statement, “Wyze Cams already record 12 seconds of motion every 5 minutes for free. CAM plus records unlimited…” When I purchased these cameras they would record continuously or as activated by motion, to the installed memory card. And I believe they would simply begin to record over old material, once the memory card was full (I think?). Is it now true that Wyze has, adjusted the programming so these cameras only record “12 seconds of motion every 5 minutes”?! That to use them as I purchased them, I must enroll in a subscription?! Please tell me I’m misreading that… Thank you!

You are confusing the two recording options of the V2 cameras.
They record Events to the cloud. These clips are 12 seconds long with a cool down period of 5 minutes, minimum, between events.
The other option is recording to an SD card. These recordings are independent of the 12 second Events.
SD card recordings can be either Events only or continuous.
The Outdoor Cam has the 12 second Events but does record to SD the same way. If it did the battery wouldn’t last very long.
Cam Plus replaces the 12 second Event limitation with unlimited time Events and no Cool down period. Cam Plus foes not work on the Outdoor Cam yet.


Thank you for helping clear my fog!

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