Wyze outdoor 12 second only

So on scheduled recording. I have it set for no cool down and 1 min videos but it only records them for 12 seconds. I have the wyze sd card. The website says I should be able to record longer. I have it set for 1 day motion only no cool down 1 min minimum.

When the videos show they are 12 seconds and 1 min apart.

I have been using “Scheduled Event” recording to the SD in the cam for months. I set it for 10 days at a time, no cooldown period, and maximum duration of each video for 2 min. If you also have back up to base turned on you will get a notification of an event motion and it will only show you a 12 second clip. If you want to see the longer version you need to take the SD card out and view it. The cam will only record as long as there is motion.


Ok I’ll try to disconnect it from the bases sd card. I have cards in them all. Hmm
I try to do 3 days and it tells me it can’t.
It’s the wyze 32 gig card. Figured theirs would be the best. So the app only shows 12 seconds but it is actually recording as long as there is motion. I’ll have to play around with that. I had someone tell me at wyze that only can get longer if I buy the service but that goes against what’s on the app and on their site.
So I’ll try watching things on the card itself and see what happens

Thank you!! They were there and longer. Shocked why wyze wouldn’t mention that. I almost started a return today for them. Because of the issue they had to put an update for. With bases not connecting via iOS. I spent 4 hours before putting on my cochlear to call them because chat or email or Twitter didn’t get any results. Then to be told I can’t do what the app and website say I should be able to do. Frustrating.

Well I don’t think many users do the scheduled recording so maybe there is a lack of knowledge on what to post on the Web site. I had cam plus on my 4 WCO cams before and it worked great but the account got screwed up so I cancelled it and decided to use scheduled event recording only. Took me a week or so to figure it out but it works for me on 4 cams.

Yea that’s what he offered me but with 3 cams that gets expensive. I had done my research and talked with an agent via chat before buying so I knew it was possible. The strangest thing is when I added my first camera. It must have been a glitch it allowed me to do event recording with no cool down. I haven’t been able to pull that up again. Only on scheduled.

They need to update the website page too. They still have the “local “ setting video on how to do it. But the app has it in a different spot now. That was really confusing. They definitely have some kinks to work out. Hopefully they will get there.