Questions about recording 12 sec clips


All I want to do is, without any subscriptions, have 12 seconds clips record directly to my SD cards, for me to watch later… I cannot make this work. i’ve tried. im not tech savvy, but im not a rookie either. i can’t find anything online. can anyone just give a step by step on this one? sheeesh! thank you!

So, if you have an sd card in the cam, you can do continues recording or event recording.

With camplus lite, which is a pay what you want subscription, even free, you can get the 12 second events on the cloud for easy viewing in the events tab at the bottom of the app. You can also do continues recording to the sd card as a backup incase events miss something. CPL also gives you person detection.

Which one do you want?

Do scheduled event recording, set it for 30 days , motion only, no cooldown period, make duration of each video up to 5 min I have mine set at 2 min. You have to download the events from the cam album to your phone/device to view/save.


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The Wyze Cam Outdoor will not record continuously to the SD card. But you can record events to it using Scheduled Recording. You will find detailed instructions here:

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Additionally, Wyze has an extensive knowledge base of Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, and Troubleshooting steps. These may also be helpful for you.


I didn’t see you answering until to late. Anyway the videos show up in the album like this, they may be 10 seconds or 5 min long, the cam records as long as motion continues up to the set time limit.


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***** I recommend a good 32GB uSD Card only. If you use a larger card like a 64GB it has to be formatted in FAT32.

While you mention SD cards you also say 12 seconds. The traditional 12 second videos to Wyze cloud servers can still be yours for free, and will include person detection.

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Right, i know that thanks, but i just want the 12 second videos to go to my SD, not to the cloud. cannot it not be done?

Go back to the top and read the entire post again, the answer was provided. Can you record events to the SD in the cam only was answered yes with the directions. Your videos may be 10 seconds or 5 min long depending on how you set it up on the scheduled event recording and how long motion last.
You need to turn on detects motion in the event recording setting for the cam if you want any notifications.


12s CamPlus Lite and full length CamPlus Event Videos cannot be recorded to the SD card. Those videos are specifically cloud based videos and can ONLY be accessed from the Events Tab. Also, it is only these cloud Event Videos that will initiate Push Notifications. SD recordings will not generate Push Notifications.

As @Antonius has provided, SD Card local recordings on that cam are a completely separate and independent function of the cam and are governed by the user settings when the scheduled recordings are set up.

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Im sorry, i feel like a fool, and i probably am. This is what i did, and what i thought instructions said to do, so tell me if im wrong. i picked a cam, went to scheduled recording, Scheduled start time “Now”, duration “5 min” (which i believe doesn’t matter if it set to motion only). Then i set to “motion only”, recording cool down “5min”, and maximum video length 12 seconds.Shouldn’t this do it? even though ive set it this way, as far as i can tell there are no videos to be seen. in my albums theres nothing. you mention to program it for 30 days… but i don’t see how you do that. the only thing involving dates, is the “start time” which i have set to “now.” seems like if i set that 30 days ahead, its just going to record an eventl 30 days from now. also every time i program them to this setting, when i come back later, they keep changing to “duration 1 hour”

anyway, i know it takes time to read dummies posts like mine and to reply, so i want to say than k you regardless.

I need a few minutes to take a bunch of screen shots to post the set up of scheduled recording.
There are 7 screenshots. 4 is this post and 3 in the next. If you can’t get it set up with these, sorry I quit :rofl: Make sure you put a 32GB SD card in the camera the correct way and make sure the card works. Do not use a larger card! *****TAP SAVE AFTER YOU SET DURATION !!!

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Three more:

Step 7


Ok, so this is exactly how i have mine set, except i had 12 second instead of2 minutes. just changed now. i will update

So if you correctly set the camera, when you go back into scheduled recordings it should say, what your recording parameters are and under that END in case you change your mind. when i set mine, and i go back in it, doesn’t USUALLY show that. it just wants me to redo it. i have had it do it a couple times, where it shows parameters and says END below. but if i go back in later, it’ll be gone. my parameters disappear. i’ve also managed to do a few recordings in the past, but none of them are viewable. it’ll say like a 5 second video, when you click download symbol, it says it doesn’t exist. i appreciate the exact play by play you posted, so i know that i actually did do it correctly. can there be another issue? i have 32 gig SD cards.

ok, so i did get them all to record. when i go back in they keep saying “1 hour” instead of 30 days, but that aside, when i click on any video on any camera, even ones i JUST took, it says “file not found”

  1. If you turn the cam off for any reason all your settings go away and you need to reset.
    On you cam settings under event recording do you have Detects motion on or off? Should work either way.
    Cams setting at 100% ?
    Detection zone on or off
    Detection zone set for any area?
    Is the area you are trying to capture in the PIR zone? All below the red line I drew,
    Does your iOS device have access to all photos. iOS settings>privacy>photos/WYZE ?

Final thoughts: The issue may be is that the cam is not recording videos. I have never tried scheduled recording without the ability to record videos and since you do not have at least cam plus lite maybe that is the issue. Yeah Yeah I know you don’t want cloud recording.
Get cam plus lite, pay $0.00 for your cam. Assign the cam to CP Lite. go to cam setting, event recording and turn off detects motion. That way there will be no cloud saved videos and there will be no event push notification either.
I have used scheduled recording when the 12 sec. videos were free, then cam plus which I cancelled and I am now using CP lite. If I turn off detects motion under events recording, no cloud video but I do have videos on the camera SD card. All these videos will download and play. ****LAST LAST thought.
Set the scheduled recording on the camera for continuous recording for 5-10 minutes. Go out and flap around in front of the cam for a few minutes then check and see if you have any videos in you album. :thinking: