V2 outdoor camera and base station SD cards

I’ve probably missed something but I can’t seem to find what the purpose of the SD cards are in the V2 ODC and Base station.
I don’t want to subscribe to the Cloud service. I just want to record periods of motion to the SD cards and every few days go back and review them. Or if I get a notification at a suspicious time of the day. I’ll just erase what I don’t want. Can’t seem to discover how to do this or determine if it can actually be done.
Can anyone give me details on how to accomplish this?

You can do both cloud recording with 12 second event videos that will show up on the events page if you get Cam Plus LITE and use the custom amount of $0.00 if you don’t want to pay anything. The 12 Second videos will be backed up to the base if it has an SD card and backup is turned on but there is a 1 minute cooldown period between videos which means the cam will not record a video until 1 min. after the last. At the same time you can do scheduled event recording to a good SD card in the camera, 32GB will do fine. Set it for scheduled Event recording, MOYION ONLY, set for 30 days, 23 hours, 59 min. and the duration of each video up to a maximum of 5 Min. for each event video. Set it for no cooldown also so the camera will record as long as it detects motion up to the duration you set. Go here and see Scheduled recording third down on the list. To view what was recorded you need to open the cam to live view > bottom right of the app tap more > album and you will see what was recorded to the cam SD. You have to tap the down load icon to view and the video will play and be saved to your device medias center. This is what it looks like:

Hi Antonius, Thank you very much. That’s exactly what I was looking for.
I suggest that you seek a job with Wyze writing their product documentation.
They need it - - - - - badly.

Thank you.

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