SD Card setup Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 on iOS Wyze app 2.50.6

Greetings. I’ve been using the Wyze Cam outdoor v2 for a few years now with the SD Card installed. I also pay for the Cam Unlimited service. I went to install a new hub and cams this weekend, with SD cards, and on the app I can no longer find any tab for ‘sd card recording’. It shows the SD card installed and formatted, but nowhere to record to SD Card. Is this because I’m streaming to the cloud with Cam Plus? Can I do both? I haven’t had to look in quite a while so the interface of the app seems to have changed a bit. TIA.

You need to set your battery powered cam to scheduled event recording to record to the SD card. Set it for 30 days, MOTION ONLY unless you want to kill the battery with continuous recording. Set the duration of each videos to a max of 5 min and no cooldown period. To view you need to go to the cam album and tap the download icon.
Scroll down this link for directions for sched. recording.

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Thank you so much!