No Record to Microsd toggle found

I have micro sd card installed in my outdoor Wyze V2. It recognizes the sd card. Unfortunately there is no “Record to Microsd Card” toggle as indicated on the Wyze support page. The website indicates it is under Advanced Settings. It is not there. I will tried to attach some screenshots but then got message stating I am limited to only one photo. Frustrating.

Looking for clarification, do you have a regular WyzeV2, or a Wyze cam outdoor V2?

I’m guessing you have a Wyze cam outdoor V2, the battery operated one. That camera has a different type of recording to SD card, which is different than the regular V2. It appears you’re looking at the support page for the regular V2, which has the SD card recording settings under the advanced menu.

Here are the support pages for the SD card recording features of the WCO V2.

Thank you. That is helpful. I would like to use the sd card to record any motion detected. I don’t understand Start Time & Duration. How do I set it up to record any motion detected 24/7 ? Confused. Thanks again!

Tap the arrow next to duration and you will get a new page.
Start time has only day so you can set it to start today or any day after.
Duration is how long you want the camera to stay in scheduled event recording mode from a minimum of 1 hour up to 30 days 23 hours.
I set mine for 30 days, Motion only, no cooldown period, and the duration of each video at 3 minutes but you can set each video length to the max. of 5 minutes. The camera will only record as long as it can sense the motion. The length setting for videos just means if motion continues in front of the camera say for 6 minutes and you have the cam set at the max of 5 Min. you will get one 5 min. recording and one 1 min recording. I have never had a motion event longer than 2-3 min.
Don’t forget to hit save after each setting!!!

Thanks! I discovered that but it seems odd it needs to be reset every 30 days. So I need to retrieve all my outdoor cameras once a month. Thanks for confirming.

You can playback the recordings from the camera album. Tap the download icon to load and view. The video will also be saved on your phone/device media album.
Here are some of my night time event.