Recording motion-only events to microSD card - Wyze outdoor camera v2

Why is recording to microSD card (motion-only) different for Wyze Outdoor camera v2 than Wyze cam v3? For Wyze cam 3, I go to Settings, Advanced settings then select “Record to MicroSD Card” and “Events Only”. Easy. But, for Wyze Outdoor Camera V2, this option is not available in Advanced Settings. Instead, I have to set up scheduled recordings, choose a duration and videos are stored in Albums. Then I have to remember to repeat at end of duration period. Wyze cam v3 seems much more intuitive and better to me. Why the difference?

One is battery operated, and one is plugged in to power full time. It’s to save battery power for the WCO s.


But I have installed solar panels on my cameras so I am not concerned about battery life. Can the software check if a solar panel is attached or instead check battery level and stop recording to the SD is the battery level is below some level?