Cannot get to record to SD Card

I have the Outdoor Cam V2. I’ve set events to motion detection, my SD card is recognized and reformatted, one in the Camera and the Base Station as someone from support said both are required if I want to save them to base station. I set it to record for 5 minutes max, detection zone is on, cooldown to 1 min on recording settings. Backup to base station is on.

I’ve seen some things about going into event recording and turning on a schedule in event recording but dont have that. I’ve seen someone say you need to set record events to video, but don’t have that option. Everything was just setup today and brand new, all latest versions. I even reflashed the firmware on the Camera twice but cannot get any videos to record. I click on a video, and know theres a Playback button on the bottom that should pop up when I check events but its there for a microsecond and then disappears. My card is showing 0 data filled.

Edit: Forgot to add, the motion works, its recording events, stating when a person is seen for 12 second cloud only. I attached the Cam Lite sub to it. I just cannot get an event to record onto the SD card on the Camera at all. Which I would like it to backup and save on the base station when completed.

App is iOS phone

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Hey, so do you want event videos specifically on the sd card, or is the cloud fine.

You can view your events in the events tab of at the bottom of the app. Make sure all filters are turned off by hitting he hourglass icon in the upper right and hitting clear.

The sd card in the cameras is only for scheduled recording or Timelapse’s. It does have an event only feature, so some have used that as a workaround by setting the scheduled recording to events only for 30 days. You can access these recordings in more > album > videos.

The sd card in the base station (note it must be 32gb or less, formatted to fat32) is only for backing up cloud events. They are only accessible by removing the sd card from the base and inserting it into a computer. Make sure “Back Up To Base” is enabled.


Wait, this seriously won’t record events to an SD card without setting it up every single month to do that? Well I guess it’s being returned then and a Ring being purchased. Thank you

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Why do you need them being recorded to the SD card? Cloud events are much more reliable and easier to use.

Because I purchase this specifically to not have to worry about subscriptions, or anything complex to have my parents use. If I’m going to have to pay for a subscription I may as well get an Amazon Ring as they’re already used to Alexa

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Cam plus lite is pay what you want. Even $0.

Yes and a 12 second clip saved event. Which isn’t helpful for most situations, especially mine

Yea if you want more than 12, you gotta pay 1.25 a month.

I’m a community volunteer and don’t work for Wyze, so don’t wanna sound like I’m trying to convince you to remain a Wyze customer, but I just did some quick research and ring doesn’t even have an SD card slot on their cams, and if you want any event recording whatsoever you have to pay $40 a year per cam.

Again this was quick research, so please do your own before making a decision and let me know if I was incorrect so I can help others in the future :slight_smile:

Yeah no you’re right. It’s cheaper than amazon. I’ll look for another brand to replace it. Push comes to shove I have to keep it and use it and get a subscription. I’m just mad that none of this is spelled out in any easy to digest format anywhere. You only discover this when you try and use it. So i wasted time instead of just finding what i wanted from the start. Because of that I’d rather spend some more time and replace it if possible as I’m not happy. Wasted 5 hours until I came to the forums.


The documentation for WYZE is awful. I’ve had to order & return cameras only to discover new limitations for the replacement products after I’ve bought them.

Why have an SD card if it isn’t going to record events to the card?!? Makes no sense whatsoever.

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The WCO V2? It does:

It just has different functions and features set as compared to the plugged in powered cameras.

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That was a non-answer that was not helpful. It’s a legitimate question… why have SD card slots on the camera if it can’t record video?!?

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Ok, what kind of video do you want to record?

Read the entire thing. The SD is for Time Lapse, Travel Mode and Scheduled Event recording.

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What a load of utter horse manure.

The ##&+&#_! WCO can barely stay on WiFi. Constant problems on all 4 of them, including on the replacement base station My phone and tablet of course work fine in the same locations.

So I bought SD cards expecting a local copy of events to be kept even when the WiFi failed.

Nope, no video at all of the car being stolen. Because for some reason you don’t have the option to record events locally. Even with solar in place, etc.

What a waste of money. $400 down the toilet.

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Wyze cam Outdoor is pointless they give you 1 extra feature (Battery) then take away all the good and practical features. While also forcing the equally pointless base station that complicates things even more. Don’t waste your time and just get the wyze cam V3 for outside I Live in Michigan had mine outside for a yr+ over my garage and didn’t have any issues and you can actually record to your SD Card continuously without an issue for 50$ Cheaper than that niche overpriced “Outdoor Cam”. If I wasn’t for my garage have electrical issues I wouldn’t never had bought it. The fact you can’t use the Solar panel on the other cams tells You Wyze is making these changes in purpose to make you buy more plans /cameras. Every new item they release takes away features that old devices had and locks them behind the subscriptions. I plan to return mine and go back to the V3 after I fix the garage outdoor Cam is more of an inconvenience than anything

Although I don’t need my version 1 WCO to record continuously I do use it for event recording to the SD card in the camera frequently without issue. I have Cam Plus Lite for $0.00 with backup to the base SD card.